For Navy officers Albert and Robert, being gay at sea wasn’t the fantasy that porn directors like Chi Chi LaRue made it out to be. But, even though the guys weren’t exactly swabbing each other’s poop decks in the galley, they still fell in love. And now, after leaving the service, life is imitating lascivious art for these two sexy veterans.

The pair recently filmed a video for an amateur adult website,, to show the rest of the world just how hot it is when gay sailors ride the stern. In addition, they are the first couple to be featured on the log-in page at popular gay hook-up site

I chatted with them about growing up down south, the upcoming election and what it was like to have porn star Jeremy Hall shoot their video — and join them in the sack!

You’re both from Texas. What was it like growing up gay in the Lone Star State?
Albert: It was tough to be gay in Texas. I don’t think I really accepted being gay until I was finally on my own and in the military.

How did you two first meet?
Robert: We first met in the service.
A: We started talking a little bit, and then started hanging out. One thing led to another and two years later, we’re still together.

What was it like being gay in the Navy? Was “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” a big issue for you to get around?
A: Gay in the military? That doesn’t exist, does it (laughs)?
R: Being gay in the military is a big challenge. There are people who don’t mind the gay community in the military, but there are those who do mind it and feel that those individuals are a lesser soldier or sailor because of their sexuality. Gay men and women have to be on their guard, always in fear of getting in trouble or scrutinized.

Were there a lot of guys in a similar situation as yours?
R: Are you kidding me? The military has more homosexuals than society would like to believe.
A: There’s always a place to go to hang out with the rest of the gay community, to let off some steam and enjoy the company of those who deal with the same thing on a daily basis while in the military.

With the election approaching, many LGBT people fear disaster. What do you think 2009 holds for us?
A: I think 2009 has the potential to have some positive outcomes for the gay community. Will there be big changes? Probably not, but any change is a good thing.

If McCain becomes president, how do you think that will affect gays in the military?
A: If Sen. McCain becomes president, I don’t feel the military will change one bit. The mentality that a homosexual shouldn’t be allowed to do the jobs of those who happen to be heterosexual will not change anytime soon.

What about Obama?
A: I would have to say the same thing for Sen. Obama that I said for Sen. McCain. There’s no possible change for a homosexual in today’s military coming anytime soon.
R: It’s sad but true.

Veteran’s Day is right around the corner. As veterans yourselves, what does this holiday mean to you?
R: The holiday means that I can look back proudly on what we did for our country and the sacrifices we made.
A: Robert and I have both done our part for our country.

What made you want to do amateur porn?
A: It was something we thought we would like to do. We saw the ad on Manhunt and thought it might be fun.
R: We applied, not thinking we would be called up for a shoot. But then we were!

Was it nerve-racking to have sex with each other while being filmed?
A: Well, in the start, yes, it was, but after a few minutes the camera seemed to fade away and we just went with the flow and performed as we would normally perform in our own home. Except that porn star Jeremy Hall was filming and asked to join in on the fun.
R: (Laughs) That’s true. We don’t usually have Jeremy Hall in our bedroom.

What was your initial reaction when he propositioned you?
A: We laughed because it was so sudden, but we decided to let him in on the fun.

What was it like?
A: Jeremy is hot.
R: It was fun and I’m sure we could have done a whole lot more, but being the first time and all, we thought we could save that for another shoot.

How did you guys become the first couple to appear on Manhunt’s log-in page?
R: We were completely shocked to see our picture on the start-up screen for all of the gay community to see when they log into Manhunt. It’s exciting though!
A: It has definitely helped our profile!

How does it feel knowing your photo gives guys a hot send-off before they venture into the steamy world of internet hookups?
A: We’re enjoying our 15 minutes, that’s for sure.
Would you ever bare all on camera again?
A: Yes, we wouldn’t mind doing it all again and maybe a little more.

If you could choose anyone, who would be the third party to join you the second time around?
R: Jeremy Hall. When you see the video, you’ll know why.
A: I’ll second Jeremy Hall. He’s hot and has a big member. What more could you ask for?

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  1. While I don’t want to take anything away from Albert’s and Robert’s service to our country, I do think there is a better way to honor our GLBT veterans on Veteran’s Day other than touting the fact that they appeared in porn and are on There are many local GLBT veterans, Reservists, National Guard members, and active duty service members who are in actively in the fight to repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell (DADT). One of the issues that we are confronted with by our foes is that they think that we are all sex crazed deviants that can not control our urges. The article on Albert and Robert does nothing to change the mind of those that oppose us.

    We should be keeping to the facts when discussing our GLBT military community and not giving our opponents fuel for the fire. The facts are that gay and lesbian service members are fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan with no ill effects on unit cohesion or combat effectiveness. Currently British, Canadian, Australian, Israeli and several other militaries have lifted their bans on gays and lesbians with no negative effects on military readiness or morale. Our US forces are serving along side gay and lesbians from these other countries.

    Historically the US military has been a vehicle for change. We can look back and see where the military allowed African Americans and women into the ranks to serve and excel long before such practices were being carried out in the corporate world. Currently it is the civilian sector that has recognized the power of a diversified work place. Many Fortune 500 organizations actively recruit minorities and this includes gay and lesbians. Its time for the Armed Forces to catch up with the times and end this archaic policy called DADT. To deny our right to serve goes beyond denying us a job. It’s a matter of civil rights.

    Q-Notes readers can do their part to repeal the ban by going to the Servicemembers Legal Defense Network web page at and signing the petition to urge Congress to repeal the ban by passing the Military Readiness Enhancement Act. Thank you.

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