Boom Boom LaTour. Photo Credit: Logan Cyrus/Charlotte magazine. Reprinted with permission.
Boom Boom LaTour. Photo Credit: Logan Cyrus/Charlotte magazine. Reprinted with permission.

This month’s column is special and it goes out to someone extra special in our Queen City drag community — Boom Boom LaTour. For those who have not heard, Boom Boom recently had a heart attack and is currently recovering in the hospital day by day. Boom Boom (aka Ricky Carter) is a living legend in the Queen City doing drag for decades dating back to the late ‘60s. Her name alone brings memories and smiles to faces across the South. Boom Boom was an early pioneer for drag, becoming a staple and one of the memorable faces at Charlotte gay bars like Blue Note, Oleens, Chaser’s and The Scorpio. You could find her still today greeting patrons at The Scorpio.

When her cousin Ron Deese posted on Facebook about Boom Boom’s health, not surprisingly, the news of her heart attack created an outpouring of emotion and well wishes. Having had my father recover from a heart attack, I know how difficult and tedious it can be. So I asked Facebook friends to send messages for my column. Indeed, love can heal the heart from friends in times like this.

Boom Boom LaTour
Boom Boom LaTour

“To Boom Boom with Love” — Boom Boom, read and listen to what your drag family and friends have to say, their stories, how you have made a difference in their life and their love for you.

* * * * *
The thing I love most about her — her ways of being loving, and always 100% real. I want her to get well, which I know will happen, because she’s a trooper. I can’t imagine entering Scorpios without my lovable read.
— Aiesha Paris

Boom Boom is my drag grandmother. She was very instrumental in getting me started in my career as a female impersonator. She helped guide me as I created my character and honed my craft. Boom Boom’s sharp wit and kind, generous heart are what I love most. A true mentor and friend to me! I love you Boom.
— Kerri Nichols

Always sweet to me. When I was having a bad start to the weekend Boom Boom always got me laughing.
— Nadia Rain

“Boom Boom is legendary — the Queen of Queens. Being fresh out of the closet in the ’80’s was fantastic! Scorpios was alive and leading the way was Boom Boom and I will never forget. Her shows had just the right mix of talent, great costumes and that added touch of humor that I looked forward to each and every Sunday night. I still tell stories. You are a legend here in the “Queen City” and always will be. You are one amazing “queen.”
— Lynn Griffin-Roberts

Every time I walked through the doors at Scorpio, she would say, “Hey golden arches.” And we’d both look at her picture next to her stand. It would just make my night.”
— Lakeisha Paris

Without Boom Boom there would not be me or my drag family.
— Sierra Santana

I remember meeting Boom Boom LaTour while we both worked at Chasers. I loved how her voice boomed over the loud music. Boom Boom and Tina Terell were the first people who told me I could do drag. I was especially fond of Boom Boom because she had a way of making you feel comfortable enough to tell her your deepest darkest secrets, after all she was one of the first non family members that I told I was HIV positive, and the way she grabbed my hand and reassured me it was going to be alright, she actually encouraged me to go get treatment. I just wanted Boom Boom to know that her words of wisdom back in the day were great and I love her — all that Boom Boom was and is. I love you Gal hurry and get well!
— Gregory Terry-Patton

Boom Boom is a wonderful person inside and out. I always looked forward to the annual Christmas show at Scorpios and her 12 days of Christmas performance. I’ve never met a kinder more compassionate person than Boom Boom. Here’s wishing you a speedy recovery.
— Tony Baker

Quoting Rod Stewart, “You’re ageless and timeless, You’re in my heart, you’re in my soul.” Boom Boom, come home.
— Walter Adams

I remember being really young and watching Boom Boom perform in the late ’90’s. I moved away for about four years at one point and when I came back for the first time, I heard, “Hey bitch where you been?’”Always so funny and that smile. Get well Boom Boom, the 12 days of Christmas needs you! Charlotte needs you!
— Eric Strube

Thank you for always being my protector… love you, get well soon.
— Michael O Brailey

The way you make someone proud to be who they are, no matter what the meanies say and do. You are such a beautiful person and I expect to see you soon stamping this massive hand of mine and telling me to stay out of trouble! I love you!
— Jacinto De Leon

Boom Boom, has always stood the test of time. And there’s no one greater! You can overcome this. I know you can! Your time is not up! Get well, get stronger. You are legendary Charlotte royalty! Your light shines bright!
— D Perris Floyd-Bloxsom

I am Blessed to know the alter ego of Boom Boom (the real man) and I can tell you that never does he meet me without a smile, a hug, or words of encouragement. I love you, Rick (Boom Boom) ‚ the man, the legend, the friend. Get well!
— Dale Pierce

As most everyone knows, coming out was a big issue for me. Immediately after coming out, my friends took me out to Scorpio to just take my mind off things. With the obvious look of “emptiness” that had overcome my face due to the rejection I faced from my family, the first person to ask if I was okay that night was Boom Boom. Although I shrugged it off and said, “Oh, nothing, baby.” I am so thankful that she took that moment and just asked.
— Hunter Lynn Eagle

Boom Boom is not only a legend in the drag community, but, someone whom I truly admire and adore. For many years anytime I needed a shoulder, an ear, or a dose of reality, Boom was the person I would turn to. I have had the honor of being mentored and shown the ropes in Charlotte by this amazing person and I cringe at the thought that we might not have Boom forever. Playing a big role in bringing drag to Charlotte, we all have so much indebted to people like Boom Boom and Brandy Alexander that we tend to take for granted on a daily basis. They’ve paved the way for acceptance in this community and I, for one, am eternally grateful for the laughs, the tears, and the sacrifices I’ve shared with her. Boom, keep fighting and we will keep praying. Love and prayers!
— Robert Porter

Boom Boom was the first person I met the first time I went to Scorpios. I was so nervous and he immediately made me feel at ease. Over the many years, he has been a friendly face both at Scorpios and Chasers and no holiday was complete without his Christmas numbers. Much love and well wishes to Boom Boom!
— Brian David Coone

* * * * *
My apologies to those who were not part of this column. There were so many wonderful stories and well wishes for Boom Boom. On behalf of all of us, Boom Boom, get well soon. You mean the world to each of us. You make a difference in our life, just by being yourself and we need you.

Soak up all that love. : :

Fundraiser: The Scorpio will host a benefit show for Boom Boom on May 17, 7:30 p.m. Proceeds will benefit Boom Boom’s recovery.

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Buff Faye calls the Queen City her home and performs to help save the world from Republicans (and raise money for charities). Find her at your favorite bars and hot spots. Plus don’t forget her monthly...

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  1. Boom Boom and I have been friends for nearly 40 years now and I was in shock to hear of her medical situation because sometimes I think time stands still and we stay the same but we don’t. I am praying for you Boom Boom ,my friend to have a full recovery and get back to the front desk to greet us all at Scorpio’s

  2. Thanks for publishing this article here on the website, as many of us don’t use Facebook. All the best wishes for a speedy recovery!

  3. I remember being a timid little twink, many moons ago, & working at Velocity… Boom Boom took me under her wing and brought out the quick witted, sarcastic ray of sunshine that everyone has grown to know & love today… Get well soon honey… Sending love & well wishes your way… <3

  4. I am so sad to hear about this I’ve known boom boom for many years even before I came out the closet I would visit Scorpios. I would always enjoy coming into Scorpios and seeing his smiling face sitting greeting everyone and he was always very nice to me flirting with me from time to time but always very nice. Im wishing you a speedy recovery and hopefully will see you again greeting me at the door at Scorpios. It’s not the same without you there please hurry back missing your lovely smile! Love you very much! Blu Ice aka Scott Isaac

  5. This man has raised me since I was born he is the best mother and father I could ever ask for ! This man has had a huge impact on my life he taught me how to be strong and keep my head up high with the cards life has dealt me! I truly thank everybody for the love and support thru this time.

  6. Boom boom although I can’t be there with you right now just know that I’m thinking of you and I hope that you’re back to yourself very soon. Although I can’t be there with you right now just know that I’m thinking of you and I hope that you’re back to yourself very soon.

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