RALEIGH — A coalition of anti-LGBT, fundamentalist churches has announced it will hold a rally at the North Carolina Legislative building in support of “traditional marriage.”

On March 3, churches across the state will bring busloads of rally participants to Halifax Mall, the green park behind the building where state legislators meet daily for legislative work. The rally, expected to draw thousands, is being organized by the Winston-Salem-based Return America. Berean Baptist Church pastor Ron Baity is the organizer.

The Christian Action League and NC4Marriage are supporting the rally. “Activist judges in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and California have overturned their state marriage laws because they only allowed marriage between a man and a woman. These judges have declared traditional marriage unconstitutional and ushered in same-sex ‘marriage,’ overriding the people’s wishes,” Tami Fitzgerald, executive director of NC4Marriage, said on the website of the Christian Action League. “This type of judicial activism could be coming to a court in North Carolina very soon.”

A similar rally was held in Raleigh in two years ago on March 6, 2007. Thousands attended.

Speakers at this year’s rally include anti-gay activists lawyer David Gibbs, III and WallBuilders ministry founder David Barton.

On Feb. 22, NC4Marriage will urge pastors and churches to participate in their “Marriage Sunday,” setting aside the day to preach on the place of “traditional marriage” and homosexuality. According to the Christian Action League, Marriage Sunday will also “[inform] congregants about the NC4Marriage campaign to pass a Marriage Protection Amendment.”

For five years in a row, LGBT advocates and Democratic leaders have kept the threat of an anti-gay, anti-family marriage amendment at bay. North Carolina is the only state in the Southeastern U.S. without an amendment banning recognition of same-sex and LGBT relationships, although state law already forbids it.

On March 24, LGBT citizens and straight allies will gather at the N.C. Legislative Building to speak to lawmakers about the importance of stopping a marriage amendment and passing the School Violence Prevention Act. The LGBT lobbying day of action is organized by the statewide EqualityNC.

Matt Comer previously served as editor from October 2007 through August 2015 and as a staff writer afterward in 2016.

8 replies on “Thousands-strong anti-gay rally slated for March”

  1. So much for the seperation of Church and State!!!
    As a resident of the Triad area I am familiar with the bigotry and hatred Baity spews forth from his pulpit and into the streets.
    This man and his followers are truly frightening in the influence they have as they spread discord and anger in their wake all in the name of Christ.

  2. Yes, how true, this is why they always have the upper hand, they are more organize then we ever hope to be and they never stop, but we never seen to be able to carry on the fight, because after the first protest or event then we just don’t care as much after that. we flake out.. This is why we are not making any true headroom.

  3. Traditional marriage? Do you mean polygamy, as in the Bible, or Barefoot-pregnant-and-in-the-kitchen at too many people believe in?

    Activist judges? Like the Warren Court’s Brown case, which threw out segregation, a decision now universally seen as both right and good.

  4. Are there plans for a counter protest on the same day? I am coordinating people to caravan out there; we just need to know a time and place for our voices to be heard.

  5. I just read the following post on q-notes (posted today, quite recently). Looks like we will see you on the 24th.

    “Palmquist also said that a counter protest of the March 3 “marriage rally” planned by anti-gay groups Return America and NC4Marriage isn’t “an effective use of our resources.” He said EqualityNC would be “working closely with progressive faith leaders to ensure the media hears from people of faith who oppose discrimination.”

    He added, “We encourage supporters who want to have the most impact on stopping the marriage discrimination amendment and passing the School Violence Prevention Act to join us at our Day of Action on Tuesday, March 24. The most effective tool we have for persuading legislators to stand for equality is conversations between legislators and LGBT and allied constituents like those that will happen at Day of Action.”

  6. I still say that we should hold a counter protest, I still think this should happen. I will be there anyway taking as photos, with my camera setting on average, that will give me 1,700 photos I can take. i plan to get as many faces of these bigots as i can. i would love to see a counter protest…

  7. This post is to let people know we are having a meeting at Firestorm Cafe and Books on Saturday, March 21st to address transportation concerns for the 24th’s Day of Action. If you plan on riding with us on the 24th, please attend this brief meeting. Contact me via email if you have any questions or concerns.

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