The word “modern” is a little tricky. One could mean something that is new and cutting edge, or perhaps something that is indicative of a time. Specifically early and mid 20th century design and fashion. This time brought us classics like the Barcelona Chair, Helvetica, and the Little Black Dress. These are things that will never go out of style, and will always be relevant. The more you can incorporate classic pieces into your wardrobe the better and more timeless your investment can be. For spring I would like to mix things up with items that are a new take on an old classic in a color palette of white, grays and black.

As always, I’m mixing high end items with low end and vintage. It is always a good idea to have pieces that can make you stand out — have a conversation about them. Tell a story about the ring you bought overseas, the cool limited-run t-shirt company that is still crazy cheap, and gracefully acknowledge your tastes in the finer things. Make fashion fun and a way to talk to people

Curvaceous Chic

This very modern take on a pant from Armani features fantastic curved seaming in a very cool light grey. Pairing it with a fun t-shirt from casualizes the look. Adding a vintage Bill Blass shawl-collared tuxedo jacket found at a local thrift store takes this look to cool sophistication. The lines of the jacket repeat the lines in the pant pulling the look together. Don’t forget the accessories! This look is finished with patent leather shoes, a vintage crocodile belt and a black onyx ring and a silver ring featuring the Greek key purchased from a recent trip to Greece

Post-modern Nautical

Nautical Jacket: Ralph Lauren;
See-Thru White Camo Shirt:
Urban Outfitters;
Cotton Shorts: American Apparel;

Nautical themes have been traditionally pervasive in spring wear for years. Found at Revolve on East Blvd, this Ralph Lauren Jacket takes that theme and goes crazy with huge toggles, grommets, a large pocket in a motorcycle style jacket in a crisp white cotton. Paired with a simple pair of shorts and loafers, you are ready for the first warm weekend on the lake!

Texture Mix Up

I tend to think that the Carolinas are just a couple months behind in terms of seasons. You think March and April will come around and it will start to get warm and it ends up snowing. In lieu of bread and milk I suggest you keep a nice summer sweater around for those chilly days that pop up out of the blue. They are generally cotton, loosely woven and very breathable. I love the texture of this crisp shawl-collared Ralph Lauren piece. I’m pairing it with some waxed cotton black jeans from H&M for a modern contrast with the more traditional cut top.

Fabulous Runs in the Family

I happened to find this classic raincoat at my grandfather’s home after his passing a few years ago. Not only does it fit perfectly but a classic design like this will always be in style. Even today this same style and cut of jacket will be seen in fashion shows seasonally from outerwear giants like Burberry.

Image Descriptions:

(left) Vintage Bill Blass Shaw-Collared Tuxedo Jacket, Zombie at Tiffany’s T-Shirt:; Curve-Seamed Pants: Armani; Vintage Crocodile Belt, Patent Leather Shoes: Stack Adams; Glasses: Prada; Black Onyx and Greek Key Rings: Stylists own

(center) Vintage Rain Jacket, Driving Cap and Polo: Burberry; Belt: Gucci; Pants: H&M

(right) Cotton Summer Sweater: Ralph Lauren; Waxed Cotton Jean: H&M; Shoes: Calvin Klein; Belt: Prada

Model and Styling: Daniel Stroupe
Photography: David Lari
Furniture provided by: By Design Furniture

Fashion Blooming in the Queen City

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