(l-r) Zuni Johnson and Jason McCraw

Zuni Johnson and Jason McCraw are the longtime couple behind Just Twirl, a popular party promotion and events company that stages several major soirées in and around Charlotte each year. Their best-known annual events include Boot Camp, Off-White Party and Twirl To The World. More than just throwing awesome parties, their functions regularly benefit charities like the Human Rights Campaign and Toys for Tots.

Here’s how they answered our 20 Questions…

Can you see the hidden images in Magic Eye pictures?
Yes, we can, but they’re not always the same images that everyone else sees! LOL!

If fame whore wasn’t an option, what would Kim Kardashian be doing for a living?
That’s easy. Body double for Snooki. Totally.

Can you wolf whistle (i.e., the whistle construction workers give sexy ladies in diet soft drink commercials)?
Of course we can. And Bear whistle. And Otter whistle. And Cub whistle. And so forth and so on…

Did you have an Etch-A-Sketch as a child?
Of course we did and still do — it’s on a key chain right now. The nobs are a lot smaller than what we remember though.

Who’s the real “Boss”: Angela Bower, Jefferson Davis Hogg, Diana Ross or Bruce Springsteen?
Angela Bower, hello! We totally grew up with that show and anyone who can keep Tony Danza as a housekeeper has our vote. Jason: “See Zuni, we should get a housekeeper like Tony!” Zuni: “Uh, no.”

Have you ever sought medical treatment for anything related to your feet?
Nope. Weekly sugar scrubs usually keeps the doctor away. And the bunions.

How do these films rank based on the number of times you’ve seen them: “Breakin’,” “Dirty Dancing,” “Flashdance,” “Footloose”?
“Dirty Dancing” (nobody puts baby in the corner); “Footloose” (Kevin Bacon, nuff said); “Flashdance” (love those legwarmers); “Breakin” (no clue).

How much effort do you put into finding a “good” parking spot?
A lot — Jason always has to have an end space or one that’s not near any other cars. Always makes for a fun conversation with us…

Do you own a pocket knife?
Nope, but we do have sharp wits and tongues, which often get us in enough trouble as well.

Which male celeb has an open invitation to crawl into bed with the two of you?
Ryan Reynolds, without a doubt — even from the days of “Two Guys, A Girl and a Pizza Place.” Plus, now he’s the Green Lantern, which always makes for some nice mood lighting in the bedroom.

How long since you’ve had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich?
It’s been so long, we can’t remember. Great, now you have us craving some Smucker’s Goober PB&J.

What’s your favorite song by an openly gay artist?
So many! Top would have to be Elton John (those words never get used together) in “The Lion King” — “Circle of Life.” Seriously though, (about the song, not Elton) right now it would still be Adam Lambert’s “What Do You Want From Me?” We’ll get in an argument and start singing it to each other, just like in “Glee.”

Do you have any superstitious habits?
Probably not walking under a ladder is the biggest. We both believe heavily in Karma, so that guides a lot of our decisions.

How many nail files are in your home?
That’s a weird question. We totally throw them away after we clip them. You mean people actually keep them and file them away. Hmmm. Seriously though, Jason’s grow so fast he has to clip them twice a week or he can easily climb trees. Freak.

Can you dial your best friend’s phone number from memory?
We could, until they moved away this time last year. We miss SBB and RJ a ton… :(

Who is your all-time favorite TV doctor (the character, not the actor)?
Doogie Howser. Only because of his name. Nothing else. Noah Wyle’s character John Carter from “ER” is a strong second.

Chicken salad, macaroni salad or taco salad?
Jason says chicken salad and Zuni says taco salad. Surprise, we don’t agree on what type, but we both do love the salad. ;)

Have you ever sported a mullet or a rat tail?
No, neither, thank God. We both had the feathered look growing up, which is equally as hideous!

What’s your optimal bowling ball weight?
Depends on how much we drink at the bowling alley — the later it gets, the lighter our balls get. Wait, what?

Have you ever used a snuggie?
Absolutely! Jason despises heat and Zuni can’t stand to be cold, so we always have one handy. Shoot, our home’s thermostat gets more action than we do. Such is married life, we guess. :)

David Stout is the former associate editor of QNotes.