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3 replies on “The HIV crisis”

  1. This is a complex poll question. The obvious answer is “lack of safe-sex practices,” which is reflected in the results thus far. But, IMO, the cause runs deeper than that.

    Due to the toxic internalized homophobia many gay, bi and msm men carry within them, they are prone to low self-esteem and feelings of worthlessness, as well as shame about their sexual behaviors.

    These issues tremendously affect queer men’s adherence to safe-sex practices. It’s just common sense — if you believe your life has lessened to no value, you’ll be less to not at all concerned about protecting yourself from HIV infection.

    Some will say it’s a cop-out, but — to me — “Homophobia/prejudice” is the best answer.

  2. I’m glad to see someone added promiscuity to the poll. Evidently, the poll creators were trying to be too PC by not putting it there. Clearly, if promiscuity had been in the poll more people would have voted for that than “Lack of safe-sex practices.”

    Gay Lee… we are all personally responsible for our own behavior. No right winger is forcing a man to not wrap it up before he sticks it in. That’s common sense.

  3. Oppression sickness, a legitimate and recognized mental health disorder, manifests in many ways, including lack of compliance with safe-sex practices.

    Considering that many gay male youth grow up with the destructive understanding that they are an abomination, is it surprising that some do not think enough of themselves to protect themselves? No.

    Oppression sickness also leads to increased drug use among gay men, which again, lessens adherence to safe-sex practices.

    These are not simple matters of “common sense” but complex mental health concerns that are not being properly addressed by AIDS awareness campaigns, the medical establishment and certainly not the government.

    As far as promiscuity resulting in HIV, who is safer: a man who only has sex when he has a “boyfriend” then when he feels secure in his relationship has unprotected sex; or a “promiscuous” man who always uses condoms regardless of the circumstances.

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