Hello Trinity,
My best friends are coming to town and I want to host them a party. But, I’m going crazy. My lover says, “Hire someone!” but I want to do it myself. Help!
Hosting Horrors, St. Louis, Mo.

Hello Hosting Horrors,
Hosting a successful party means putting on “the 11 hats of hosting” starting with host, organizer, purchaser, head chef, prep cook, cleaning person, decorator, DJ, server, event maintenance and post-event breakdown person. I prefer hiring two fabulous gay men who usually can do what 11 different non-gay helpers are needed to do. But, honey, if you must do-it-yourself the best way to multitask is to be organized with lists for shopping, menus and chores, i.e., cooking, serving and cleaning. Remember, “preplanning, prethinking and preparing for everything…to go wrong” is my rule of thumb.

Hey Trinity,
My girlfriend is all over my case because I “crossed boundaries” by saying something I shouldn’t have said at her family reunion! But, I tell my family everything, why shouldn’t she?
Crossing Boundaries, Miami, Fla.

Hey Crossing Boundaries,
It’s very nice to tell your family everything, but not everyone does. And, if everyone did, your girlfriend still has a right to be different. Sorry, but she has a right to her boundaries if she feels she needs to protect herself or others. Some couples use spoken and unspoken rules with respect to each other’s boundaries. Now, darling, tell your girlfriend, “I’m sorry! It will never happen again! And I’ll learn to respect your boundaries from now on.” Remember, adults have secrets. Children tell their parents everything. (Try my lessons on boundaries tips from my cartoon.)

Dear Trinity,
I’ve been dating this guy that I really like, but we argue and fight all the time. He suggested therapy. Can it really help?
Fighting Or Therapy,
Amarillo, Texas

Dear Fighting Or Therapy,
Some of us use therapy to clean out the past or deal with the present and some of us use it to find ways of getting along with argumentative companions. I think everyone should have a therapist and also think seminars such as the Forum, Insight and/or Life Spring teach great awareness and control over unconscious games we play with others and ourselves. We all learned to read and write, but, pumpkin, very few of us were taught how to handle “drama,” I mean dreamy relationships.

Dearest Trinity,
I’m in a long distance relationship (LDR) and I could use all the advice you have.
LDR-4-HELP, West Haven, Conn.
Dearest LDR-4-HELP

By the time Bush left office I myself had done the LDR circuit in Conneticut, D.C., Florida, Pennsylvania and Canada. So, baby, since it’s a new Obama-Nation all of us LDR addicts need to read:

Trinity’s Not So Distant Tips For Dealing With Long Distance Relationships (LDR)
1. Communication means calling and emailing regularly.
2. Frustration means when you need to kiss and make up, you’ll actually need to click and redial.
3. Sexual desires mean while the cat’s away the mouse may play. So, don’t ask too many questions.
4. Romance means vacations, weekends and overnight trips together.
5. Respecting your precious time together means not making too many personal or work plans when your LDR is visiting.
6. Trusting what you can’t see means don’t let your fears get the best of you.
7. Accepting life’s troubles means being open to dealing with them. So, deal with each issue as it comes rather than being too quick to react.
8. Modernizing means owning a cell phone, computer and web cam so you can be closer more often.
9. The future, if it works out, means thinking about moving closer one day.
10. Lastly, enthusiasm means acting excited when your LDR arrives. Hey, a long trip deserves a great welcoming!

— With a Masters of Divinity, Reverend Trinity was host of “Spiritually Speaking,” a weekly radio drama, and now performs globally.
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