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Ted Haggard
If Ted Haggard had not been “outed” by the one with whom he spent his time and to whom he gave money fresh from the collection plate, he would still be engaged in those very sinful activities that he himself acidly denounced in others. He did not seek forgiveness for his sins until after his sins became common knowledge. Now he’s sorry; I say he’s many years too late to go that route.
— Phil Tevlin, web, April 23

I hope that he is sincere in his apology. Most of us had to deal with some sort of internalized homophobia when we were coming to terms with who we are — we just didn’t make it so public. I guess all we can do is wait and see and give him a chance to prove himself.
— FemmieGirl, web, April 23

CDC AIDS campaign
What makes this even harder is that promoting safer sex has to be combined with reducing what public health folks call the “background prevalence” of HIV. It isn’t that the disparities between groups are because of differences in sexual behavior, it’s that the proportion of already existing cases of HIV is higher in some communities (due to all kinds of healthcare access and economic reasons) and thus the risk of transmission is higher. Until those problems are addressed, media campaigns will do little to reduce disparities between sexual minority men, racial/ethnic groups, and straight folks.
— Joseph Lee, web, April 22

Murder in Fayetteville
I had the pleasure of knowing Jimmy Ali McCollough bka Miss Imaje Devera for a couple of years..He helped me when I found out that I was HIV positive..It is such a sad thing for that to have happened to him..To the family of Jimmy, I pray that you all will gain all the comfort, love, & peace that God is MORE than able to give to you all during your time of bereavement..To ALL the friends and EVERYONE affected by this who knew Jimmy, we have to come together and stop all this hating on each other because we’re here today and can be gone tomorrow..Life isn’t promised to no one..To the individual or individuals involved I pray that God has mercy on your soul..For the battle is not your’s it’s the Lords’..God is going to have his hands full now..Rest in peace my friend.
— J.A.Y., web, April 17

I knew Mr. Jimmy and he was a down to earth, keeping it real kind of man. He had such a kind heart and would do anything if you asked him. I’m going to miss seeing him at the hair shop, and walking around the school campus with him. He always knew how to put a smile on my face. I’m going to miss him and for the person that did it I wish they would turn themselves in.
— stacie, web, April 18

I think that everyone has the right to be who they are…..No MATTER WHAT!!!! And who has the right to take a life or to even judge anyone…all men was born in to sin and must live out there own soul salvation. He did not deserve to be killed for choosing his own lifestlye….People are so quick to throw stones…..Like they are perfect BUT NEWS FLASH they not perfect. And i hope that they find this >>>>>>>> and hang his ass out for the vulture to eat on.I am representing the house of CHANEL and we send our our CONDOLENCES TO THE FAMILY!!!! AND REMEMBER LIVE YOUR LIFE FOR YOU……
— Chi Chanel, web, April 19

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  1. I Want to thank you all for your support. This really has been a hard time for my family. And personally I want answers. I thank god for people like use. So understanding and not judgmental. Again thank you

  2. RIP Mr. Jimmy A. McCollough…you will be greatly missed. We love you and will seek this out to the fullest extext of the law or until justice is served. Not a day goes by that we do not think about u. Your sense of humor, your personality, your love you’ve showen unconditionally…to the man to took my beloved cousin life, Zachary Lee Oats, may God have mercy on your soul, we will not rest until u have been convicted and placed behind bars for life without the possiblity of parole. Sentencing you to death will be far to easy. Thank you all who kept us in ur prayers.

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