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Our online readers weighed in with a variety of viewpoints in response to our story on local TV anchor Audrina Bigos’ comments regarding Bruce Jenner and his rumored gender transition. Here are some of their thoughts below. You can catch the original article online at

No one was offended except this one complainer. She has nothing to apologize about!

— Ric, Feb. 3

Ms Bigos is free to say whatever she wants. Viewers of WCCB and listeners of KISS are free to stop viewing/listening or patronizing their sponsors. This is America; dissatisfaction is best expressed by hitting them in the wallet.

— Jimmy Locke, Feb. 4

This is a prime example of attacks on public speech and the right of EVERY persons opinions to be shared. This is not an example of hate speech it is an example of someone sharing their opinion on a moral issue. If our country keeps going in its current politically correct direction it will not be long before censorship will find its way into our churches and synagogues. The writer of this article also has the right of his opinion and I hope the management of WCCB recognizes Audrina’s right to her opinion without punishing her for it.

— Alan, Feb. 4

Having not been a party to either her comments or the complete content & intentions in how she expressed herself. I musty wonder if she was supposedly “disgusted” at the situation of Jenner, the story or simply the cover of the “Trash Mag” that was seen in the grocery store ? IF her reaction was to the cover, then, what is there to apologize for ? I think that should be clarified to everyone, before she is publically & professionally crucified. I happened to have seen the same cover & was personally appalled by the pic & the headline that accompanied it. NOT about Jenner’s own journey.

— K., Feb. 5