Oh my goodness, kiddies — here it is, the one and only Drag Rag and I’m running late (as usual) and trying to get to the “American Idol” concert in downtown to see this year’s winner Kris Allen and my Indian baby, Anoop Desai. Don’t blink your eyes or you’ll miss this one, OK? I promise a longer one next time since we’ll have a new national Entertainer of the Year by then.

As you might know, I’m always on the phone with our Miss U.S.ofA. at large, Tajma Hall. Seems she calls every time she’s at the airport waiting for another flight to go somewhere. And, she’s been as busy as a one-armed paper hanger recently, traveling everywhere for either prelims or bookings or to judge a contest. I think the ole gal had two days off in July. Girl, sit down for a minute! Her most recent prelims include Miss Wisconsin, which Coco Chanel won with alternate Felicia Eau Clair; Miss Arizona, won by Candi Cole; and Miss Indiana, won by Raleigh”s Victoria Parker, with runner-up Chelsey Nicole Stephens. The Pig has done it again! How many titles does that make in a year? The world may never know, but she’ll be giving up her Miss NC America title in just weeks at The Scorpio here in Charlotte. Isn’t it strange how two queens from a little bar in Fayetteville can make their rounds and both be Miss Continental PLUS and then end up in a bar in Indianapolis together, one watching the other getting crowned to maybe go on and succeed her. It is a small world, as they say, for sure.

It’s less than one month until Tulsi relinquishes her Continental crown, and I know North Carolina will be well represented in the house — in our group of 18 who purchased tickets together, the majority are North Carolinians. The Carolina kids will knock you down for a good pageant, ya know? David ‘Freklz’ Hunter will also relinquish his Mr. title that weekend, too. It should be lovely to see all the family and the formers. I’m looking forward to gazing upon the lovely face of our Miss PLUS, Coco Van Cartier, as well. What a lovely queen!

Speaking of Tajma earlier, she flew out to judge final night of Miss TX FFI and At Large this year held in Houston and was happy to share these results with me: Jenna Sky won the Miss and her RUs were Adecia Iman and Monika Adams; Chanel LaMasters won Miss At-Large and her RUs were Kofi and Armani Nicoe Davenport. Congrats to Chevelle Brooks and Leyla Edwards O’Hara on a fierce year!

On the America scene, Electra Fearce-St. James recently won Miss Pennsylvania with RU Aurora Fontaine; the new Miss Ohio is Symphony Alexander Love with RU Brionna Brooks; and Miss Missouri is Erica Foxx with RU Tajma Stetson. Miss America takes place this year at the Millenium Hotel Grand Ballroom in St. Louis from Oct. 28 through Nov. 1. The reigning Miss, Victoria DePaula, will be here in Charlotte for Miss Mid-East in just a few weeks at Scorpio, along with a few of her sisters as Coti Collins relinquishes her crown. Should be quite a festive night! Promoter Mike Rhinehart tells me also performing that night will be his new Miss Winston-Salem America, Angelica Dust. Come out and see which big names in the America system come to duke it out on Freedom Drive!

In local news, Angelica also just won Miss Firecracker up at Scandals in Asheville; her RU was Manhattan. Fuchsia Rage is the new Miss Summer Dream with alternate Angelica Froste. Congrats are going out to Felicia Monet who won Miss Pride Charlotte at Scorpio recently. Her RUs included Charlotte Damone, Jessica Raynes Starr and Sierra Santana. The new Mr. Pride Charlotte MI is Howard Hung. I almost got all the contestants listed in the last Rag, but I did miss Kylie DaVinci who won Miss Queeen City and did not want to let her slip me by! I heard the show at Pride in downtown was fierce with the likes of Dorae Saunders, Detra Penucci, Brooke Divine and Angela Lopez. Sorry I missed that one! Y’all come back now, ya hear?

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  1. you’re going to the American Idol show ?
    I would love to know what you think about Anoop.
    …I really loved his voice on the tv show.

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