Micah Beasley
Micah Beasley

RALEIGH, N.C. — The North Carolina Democratic Party’s communications director and spokesperson resigned this evening, following news today that the state party chair abruptly fired his executive director.

Micah Beasley announced his resignation, effective immediately, in a letter emailed to state party Chair Randy Voller shortly after 6 p.m. this evening.

“In light of recent events, I am resigning my position as Communications Director/Party Spokesman for the North Carolina Democratic Party (NCDP) effective immediately,” reads the one-sentence letter.

Beasley, who began as the state party’s spokesperson last March, was the party’s first openly gay communications director. As of today, he was the highest ranking gay employee at the party.

According to sources, the state party’s fundraiser, Tiffany Reynolds-Richardson, also resigned this afternoon.

The state party has been in turmoil today, as leaders and party activists reacted to news of Voller’s termination of executive director Robert Dempsey.

WRAL’s Mark Binker has more on the leadership crisis…

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One reply on “State Democratic staffer resigns amid turmoil”

  1. As the former Chair of the Gaston County Democratic Party, current SEC member, District 10 executive committee member, Gaston County LGBT Democrats President and active Democratic party member…….I call on Randy Voller, NCDP Chair to resign effective immediately.

    As an SEC member, I am gravely concerned for the stability of our state party and the ability for us to function on any startegic or administrative level. Media outlets are reporting the resignation of Communications Director, Micah Brooks Beasley, who states he cannot support Party Chair, Randy Voller. We have also heard form Patsy Keever, 1st. Vice-Chair of the NCDP who has stated she does not support the actions taken by Voller to single-handedly fire executive Director, Robert Dempsey.

    North Carolina Democrats and Democratic candidates deserve a state party that not only talks about transparency and ethics, but leads by example. It is time for state party SEC members and Democratic electeds/candidates to demand better.

    Mr. Voller, please resign!

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