Charlotte Pride invites the entire community to a citywide and regional weekend of service and solidarity. The pandemic has taught us important lessons. One of the most important things we have learned from this pandemic is how important it is to give back and support each other. 

How you can participate:
Get together with your team at your nonprofit, community group, schools or student organizations, faith institution, business, ERG, or even an informal group of friends and plan out a community service or volunteer project that your team can lead and participate in, Aug. 21-22! 

Ideas for service or volunteer projects:
Park, stream, or road clean ups. Neighborhood or other community beautification projects. Community gardening or support. Food, clothing, and other resource drives/events/free stores. Soup kitchens. Elder or youth support. Community arts project. Animal shelter support. Free little library or pantry construction, installation, and/or stocking. And so much more!

Register your project:
Once you’ve determined and chosen your project, register it with Charlotte Pride! We want to give you shout outs and keep track of our collective community impact! You can learn more, find a downloadable one-sheeter of this information in this article, and register your service project online by August 11th at 

Want to volunteer as an individual? Sign up with Charlotte Pride!
Charlotte Pride is hosting three service projects and you’re invited to sign up! These are perfect opportunities for folks who aren’t already connected with a community organization planning their own service project. Join us on the morning of Saturday, Aug. 21 for farm support at the Urban Farm at Aldersgate or for a road clean-up on Statesville Ave. Afterward, we’ll have an ice cream social! We’re also hosting a remote and virtual service opportunity for those who can’t travel to or otherwise participate in in-person projects. If this is more your vibe, join us on Sunday, Aug. 22 as we phone bank for equality! Learn more and register for these projects at

Coming Soon: Charlotte Pride Clothing and Resource Drive
Charlotte Pride will extend the spirit of its service and solidarity throughout August and September with a clothing drive! Brand new or gently used clothes will be accepted starting Aug. 21 through Sept. 12 at a variety of LGBTQ-friendly businesses and other locations in town.Encouraged donation items include: masculine clothing in smaller sizes, feminine clothing in larger sizes, and items for business/professional wear. Donors may also purchase and donate brand new, unopened packs of underwear and socks of any size, including those for children. Collected materials will be made available at the Charlotte Pride Free Store, hosted during the Pop-Up Pride Festival on Saturday, Sept. 18. Donation box locations will be announced soon. Prepare your donation items now! 

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