Souls of Our Students – A Transgender Focus HD from MeckMin on Vimeo

The Charlotte group Mecklenburg Ministries, also known as MeckMin, has produced an addendum video to go along with their earlier anti-bullying short documentary called “Souls of Our Students.” The new short doc is called “Souls of Our Students: A Transgender Focus.” It is an affecting and well produced short film.

It shares the stories of transgender and non-binary students, the parent of a transgender child and supportive teachers, all of whom come from Charlotte and Concord. They tell what it is like to be trans or non-binary and try to navigate your way through the school system. It is intended to raise the awareness, consciousness and understanding of students, faculty and staff.

It will become part of the curriculum in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools and possibly other schools in North Carolina and beyond.

Supplemental videos on trans students from MeckMin

MeckMin has released two additional videos to supplement “Souls of Our Students: A Transgender Focus.” First up is “A Parent’s Story,” which goes more in depth with the parent featured in the documentary, and includes footage of her interacting with her son.

“A Parent’s Story”

A Parent’s Story from MeckMin on Vimeo.

The second bonus video addresses the importance of proper pronoun usage. This is touched on in “Souls of Our Students: A Transgender Focus,” but this video expands upon it.

“The Importance of Pronouns”

The Importance of Pronouns from MeckMin on Vimeo.


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