Jennifer Roberts and Edwin Peacock squared off in the final debate before election day on October 28, and one of the topics that came up was the LGBT non-discrimination ordinance. The ordinance was voted down by the city council in March of this year.

Peacock, who told the Charlotte Observer that he “would not have supported adding several new protected classes to the non-discrimination ordinance for public accommodations,” called the ordinance “a very minor issue we cannot let ourselves get distracted by.”

“Discrimination is not a minor issue,” Roberts shot back.

Roberts then shared the exchange on Facebook, Twitter and via an email to supporters which read (bold text theirs):

During Tuesday’s debate, Jennifer’s opponent said the LGBT nondiscrimination ordinance is “a very minor issue we cannot let ourselves get distracted by.” Jennifer stood up for equality by declaring, “Discrimination is not a minor issue.”

The contrast in this race could not be clearer. Jennifer has repeatedly stood for equality for all people in every corner of our community. That’s why she stood up for survivors of domestic abuse, why she has been a vocal supporter of women’s healthcare, and why she is working to bring opportunity to every corner of our city.

Edwin Peacock just told voters that he believes equality is a “very minor issue.”

Remind everyone you know why you are supporting Jennifer Roberts in this race. Jennifer knows that equality is not a distraction, it is worth fighting for.

Roberts posted an image showcasing both candidates quotes on Facebook and Twitter, calling it out as a major difference between the two.

Roberts told qnotes, in our feature about each candidate’s stance on LGBT issues:

I will work with my colleagues on the city council, as well as with the community and build support for extending non-discrimination protections to LGBT people in public contracting, services and accommodations, including non-discrimination based on gender identity and gender expression.

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Jeff Taylor / Social Media Editor

Jeff Taylor is a journalist and artist. In addition to QNotes, his work has appeared in publications such The Charlotte Observer, Creative Loafing Charlotte, Inside Lacrosse, and McSweeney’s Internet...