Sherlock’s Homes Foundation is a safe haven for LGBTQ+ youth experiencing homelessness with homes in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Richmond, Virginia, and (their most recent addition), Raleigh, North Carolina.

The sanctuary home in Raleigh opened in late 2022 and provides housing, support services, and a sense of community for LGBTQ+ young people who are struggling to make it on their own.

Sherlock’s Homes Foundation was founded in 2020 by Jacob Reide Jennings, an award-winning real estate expert based in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

Homeless and living in his car as a teen, Jennings saw a need for a safe and supportive place for LGBTQ+ youth who were aging out of the foster care system or who had been rejected by their families. “Forty percent of young adults experiencing homelessness are LGBTQ+,” says Jennings. “Despite this elevated rate, they tend to be under served due to a shortage of response systems offering services tailored to their individual needs. It is more important today than ever that we create safe places and eliminate barriers to entry for LGBTQ+ young people experiencing homelessness and help power true change where it is most needed.”

Sherlock’s Homes’ Raleigh home provides a safe and supportive environment where residents can feel comfortable being themselves. The staff at Sherlock’s Homes are trained to provide support for LGBTQ youth and they offer a variety of services, including safe and affordable housing for its residents; a variety of support services, including counseling, employment assistance and financial education; and a sense of community for its residents, where they can feel supported and accepted.

Sherlock’s Homes Foundation has made a significant impact on the lives of the youth it serves. The Raleigh home has helped young adults to find safe and stable housing, to get back on their feet after experiencing homelessness, and to build a strong sense of community.

In June, Sherlock’s Homes Foundation was spotlighted as a Pride community partner by Digital Lift by and earlier this year, their brand campaign, ‘By the Numbers’ was named Bronze Winner in the Humanitarian Action and Services category in the Second Annual Anthem Awards.

If you would like to support Sherlock’s Homes Foundation, you can donate to their website, buy a Sherlocks Homes t-shirt, or volunteer your time. Visit

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