Reaction to oppression: Transgender youth rally against multiple proposed bills and established laws depriving them of gender-affirming medical treatment.

Republican attorneys general from 17 different states are working together in an attempt to block Medicaid from covering the transitional needs of non-binary and transgender youth. 

The initial effort from the “gang of 17” attorneys general (as they’ve been referred to in some press coverage) began as a way to support the Arkansas health care ban for gender-expansive youth. From their letter: “The evidence also shows that nearly all children whose gender dysphoria is treated with puberty blockers to ‘buy time’ will proceed to take cross-sex hormones and seek other medical interventions with irreversible effects.”

Many LGBTQ activists have pointed out this portion of the statement – regardless of its intent — is not a dig at the gender-expansive community. Instead, it solidifies the idea that transgender children will grow to be transgender adults, therefore implying that the sooner treatment is made available, the smoother and less painful transitioning will be for an individual. 

Attorneys general from Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee and Texas signed the brief, making it clear they oppose Biden’s announcement that he and his cabinet stand with transgender youth. 

Although North Carolina did not sign on in support of the letter, there are two major anti-transgender bills in the state this year. Senate Bill 514, the Youth Health Protection Act, (SB 514) and Senate Bill 515, the Health Care Heroes Conscience Protection Act, (SB 515) were filed in April 2021. SB 514 would make it so that transgender men and women under 21 would not be able to receive gender-affirming care regardless of parental consent. SB 515 was much more far-reaching within the LGBTQ community; allowing all medical professionals to refuse service to any individual in the queer community based on religious views. 

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One reply on “S.C. Among 17 GOP States Seeking To Bar Medical Help For Transgender Kids”

  1. We can conclude as humanity that the Republicans are NOT intrested in the well-being nor matters of health when and were it invovles children!
    We ofcourse knew that when the Republicans started to put chidlren in cages, children who they kidnapped, stole and ripped from the arms of their Mothers, children who came to the USA for reasons of safety, fleeing war-zones, life-threatening practices by police and military in their homelands, chidlren who were not recorded so at this point in time the authorities and the non-governmental organisations are searching for them all over the country, trying to locate them to be returned to their parents, who have been in many cases been deported to outside the USA, who now often not be located anymore also!
    These children have been abused, physically, sexually as well as mentally, tortured physically and mentally, have been subjected to mass-incarnation although they did not commit any crime or offence, in circumstances that even those who subjected these children to the most atrocious acts will never be subjected to, and still the Republicans are fighting the treatment of children who know they are living a wrong life, that of a boy in a girls body, that of girl in a boys body! Transgender children KNOW what’s wrong, and they KNOW and EXPERIENCE the pain, day in day out!
    No human being should be subjected to biased individuals who see not the pain of the victims but enjoy the power of hurting them!
    THAT is the Republican party and its members, hurting people, breaking people, and foremost ruïning people, regardless of the costs for the those hurted, broken people!
    The Republican party and its members sicker then sick, fouler then fouler, and in fact anti-human!
    My opinion!

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