Solmonese’s ‘special guest’
In mid-January we heard that Human Rights Campaign President Joe Solmonese would bring along pop-singer and “American Idol” runner-up Clay Aiken to the HRC Carolinas Gala on Feb. 21.

We couldn’t just stand by and let this rumor pass us up. We emailed HRC communications folks and asked if Solmonese wanted to confirm the rumor or deny it. Communications director Brad Luna said they hadn’t heard of anything.

Sorry queer Claymates. Maybe next time… or maybe they’re just keeping it quiet.

Liaisons closed?
When we headed out to HRC Carolinas’ “Let’s Make a Deal” fundraiser with Roxy C. Moorecox we heard a curious (and maybe vicious) little rumor. Liaisons on South End in Charlotte was closed? Funny, we had just been there days earlier.

No, Liaisons isn’t closed. In fact, they just had a Purple Party and Superbowl party a couple weeks ago.

Photo credits: HRC & PinkPollyanna,