Q-Notes has a new community blog, assembloge. The new online blogging and discussion community replaces Q-Notes’ other staff blogs from Editor Matt Comer, Associate Editor David Stout and Community Blogger Jeff Olson. The three bloggers will join community members on assembloge, which can be viewed at blog.q-notes.com.

“It’s very exciting to be able to offer our readers a real chance to contribute to the paper,” says Comer. “I’m looking forward to interacting via blogs, videos and audio with our print and online readers.”

The name, assembloge, is a play on words, combining the words “blog” and “assemblage.”

“We really want this new project to be a place where our readers can come together as one, united and modern voice,” Comer says. “It’s our own little online assembly of LGBT voices of all shapes, sizes, colors and political and ideological persuasions.”

Online users are able to register for a free account at assembloge. When they register, they’ll be able to post comments on blogs and post their own contributions. Registration is completely free. Q-Notes is also looking for regular contributors who can commit to posting at least once or twice per week. Regular contributors will be given their own unique space on the blog.

For more information and to catch up on the latest, visit assembloge at blog.q-notes.com.