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The Charlotte City Council voted Monday to rescind its non-discrimination ordinance in order to get the North Carolina General Assembly to repeal House Bill 2. The North Carolina General Assembly will meet in a special session to consider the repeal.

City council released a statement announcing, and explaining, the move. Here is that statement, and my reaction to reading it:

The City of Charlotte continues its commitment to be a welcoming community that honors and respects all people.

Interesting way to start a release announcing the repeal of, admittedly nullified, protections. Go on…

The Charlotte City Council recognizes the ongoing negative economic impact resulting from the passage of the City’s Non-Discrimination Ordinance and the State’s House Bill 2.

One recalls many boycotts resulting from HB2, and zero boycotts in which Charlotte passing an expanded non-discrimination ordinance to include LGBTQ protections was cited. So you got it half right.

The Council acknowledges that North Carolina House Bill 2 “supersede(s) and preempt(s)” the City’s Ordinance.

As you’ve always known, including when you stood against a compromise earlier in the year on more than one occasion. Republicans are claiming the timing is purely politically motivated. Keeping the boycotts and pressure going weren’t good for McCrory’s reelection chances. It appears a plausible argument.

In order to continue thriving as an inclusive community and compete for high paying jobs and world-class events, the City and State must take action together to restore our collective reputation.

It’s the economy, stupid. Also known as follow the money.

During this morning’s Legislative Briefing with the State Delegation representing Mecklenburg County, the Charlotte City Council voted to remove the Non-Discrimination Ordinance from the City Code. The City urges the State to follow immediately with a repeal of House Bill 2.

In fact, they will have to do so by Dec. 31 or see the ordinance go back into effect. A wise move.

A repeal of HB2 will offer a return of protections for cities with non-discrimination ordinances overturned by the passage of the law. Charlotte however goes back to where we started, with no protections for the LGBTQ community.

The City of Charlotte is deeply dedicated to protecting the rights of all people from discrimination and, with House Bill 2 repealed, will be able to pursue that priority for our community.

For everyone? It seems unlikely that the transgender bathroom and locker room protections will be part of that pursuit. The Republicans maintain a veto-proof majority in the NCGA and there are no clear signs that they are ready to capitulate on their main point of concern.

House Speaker Tim Moore, while speaking in September on a possible compromise, has already made clear allowing trans people to use the bathrooms and locker rooms matching their gender identity was not something they would allow.

There are many issues that require a positive and collaborative relationship between the City and State. The City pledges commitment to that partnership.

Translation: They have the power and the numbers. We feel we had to blink, after all.

In addition to removal of the Non-Discrimination Ordinance, the City Council also removed from the City Code the Cable TV Ordinance (invalidated by the State in 2006) and the Business Privilege License Tax (invalidated by the State in 2014).

Because, as the narrative goes, they were simply “cleaning up the books” of invalidated laws.

Jeff Taylor / Social Media Editor

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  1. I would call rescinding the LGBT Ordnance with the help of Governor Roy Cooper, Charlotte Mayor Jennifer Roberts and the Charlotte City Council pure BETRAYAL. They used the issue to raise money from out-of-state sources and have dumped the LGBT Community at their first opportunity. They have shown that LGBT People don’t NOT have Equal Rights in North Carolina. Pat McCrory and his KKK contingent in Raleigh have won the day. Pathetic !

  2. Gutless is the word that comes to mind. How the City Council can bow down to Raleigh when they had so much corporate leverage for standing their ground is about the lowest thing they’ve accomplished so far. And, based on a premise of a promise from the good ole boys? Guess the voters will have some serious rethinking to do about electing representatives that have a pair.

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