Here’s your chance to sound off! Vote in our poll below and tell us what you think was the most important and significant local/regional LGBT news story of 2014.

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One reply on “Reader poll: What was the most important news story of 2014?”

  1. Well really all of the choices have been important to our Community.

    First, the LGBT Community Center of Charlotte, because they stole our trust and confidence. This organization belonged to each one of us in the community and because of our trust; we let them finagle it away. The center is now so damaged; I feel it will never return as a vital part of our community.

    Second, The 2014 Primary and the November election was a disgrace, because in the primary only 6 percent turned out locally and then in November only 25 percent turned our nationwide. It seems that today’s people are satisfied with their lives for the time being, but only until something does not go their way. This will be the time we will hear about the displeasures of the ones that did not vote. My response to them is, you got what you asked for.

    Third, Marriage equality was one of the biggest gains in LGBT rights is 2 decades. During the Drama with the State Legislators who were against Marriage Equality, it turned into quite a show and I was standing on my head with happiness when my community won.

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