[Ed. Note — The original version of this article included a featured photo that pictured staff no longer employed by the radio show. The photo has been updated. We regret the error.]

Update (June 18, 2015, 12:08 p.m.): G105’s Bob and the Showgram have reportedly been taken off air. Read more here.

RALEIGH, N.C. — A local radio station has been sent a letter condemning a segment on one of its shows poking fun at Caitlyn Jenner, a 1976 Olympic gold medalist formerly known as Bruce Jenner.

Equality North Carolina and the LGBT Center of Raleigh sent the letter to the staff of G105’s Bob and the Showgram’s “American Idiots” program. The letter was also sent to show producer Chris Edge.

The show segment had asked listeners to submit songs with lyrics of their own making targeting Jenner’s gender transition.

Three listeners submitted songs with lyrics like: “In sports you ruled the world, now you say you wanna be a girl, I think I liked you better as a guy,” “I know I was born a man, but I’m a woman within, tuck it in, tuck it in,” and “Change your name all you want, but you’re always Bruce Jenner to me.”

The song submissions were still online as of Monday afternoon and can be heard here. [Ed. Note — Readers should note that some of the lyrics are vulgar and highly offensive.]

The groups are demanding a  public apology to the transgender community and they’ve included an invitation to further discuss trans inclusion with the radio station, which they say has a history of anti-LGBT content.

The full letter from the group’s to the radio station is below:

To Whom it May Concern:

As organizations that represent and advocate for North Carolina’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) population, we at Equality NC and the LGBT Center of Raleigh are deeply concerned by the content of your June 15th Bob and the Showgram “American Idiots” program featuring references to Caitlyn Jenner:


Among these concerns is your blatant and transphobic treatment of Caitlyn Jenner’s transition and gender identity.

Another is the program’s blatant disregard for its impact on North Carolina’s transgender community as a whole.

We understand your station has received continual complaints about its portrayals of the LGBT community and several times received media reference guides to correct prior homophobic or transphobic references to the LGBT community. We direct your attention to it again:


We know the media’s negative depictions of the LGBT community can have a lasting impact not only on the public discourse around basic equality, but also to the health and safety of our community, including the youngest and most vulnerable among us.

We demand a public apology for today’s program.

But a public apology to the transgender community is just the beginning.

As the leaders of our organizations, we also believe it is time for representatives of your station and the offending program to meet with the LGBT community and some of its leaders. We’re requesting that now and hope to hear back on possible dates and times that might work for you and your top staff. We would propose that we attend this meeting along with several other LGBT community members who have repeatedly tried to communicate to you about your continued anti-LGBT bias and offensive broadcasts.

Without any kind of improvement from your station or efforts at dialogue to address these concerns, your continued use of homophobic and transphobic language and antics in your broadcasts begins to seem both intentional and malicious.

As broadcasters who serve a diverse and ever-changing audience, you have a moral and ethical responsibility to offer respect and fairness to the subjects you feature.

Today, you have failed at both.

Chris Sgro, executive director, Equality NC
James Miller, MPP, MBA, executive director, LGBT Center of Raleigh

Matt Comer

Matt Comer previously served as editor from October 2007 through August 2015 and as a staff writer afterward in 2016.

10 replies on “Raleigh radio show Bob and the Showgram called out for transphobic Caitlyn Jenner segment”

  1. Radio jocks feed on attention, and controversy generates attention. Best thing consumers can do is change the station and let their sponsors know you’re no longer interested in their products. You have to hit them in the pocket book to make a difference. Sensitivity groups and singing around a campfire is useless.

  2. The photo at the top of the page is terribly outdated. Three of the four are no longer with the show.

  3. This radio show represents a large part of the rural ignorance that loves the vast majority of everything we are against. Yes, while Raleigh may be somewhat a larger city, this station’s demographic is largely based on many of the surrounded rural counties, that all mostly voted against same sex marriage, against Kay Hagan, and love this kind of trash that the Bob Showgram broadcast. It’s their listener base!

    We see a lot of that here, but if Charlotte were smaller as Raleigh is, then you would see even more of this triteful sickness that you are already here in this tragic city.

  4. The only thing with this article is that you are using a photo with the old staff.. Kristen Mike and Jon no longer work at G105 and have all left. Get a pciture with the current correct staff

  5. Really, I’m gay and listen to the show. Everyone has there own option. Who cares what anyone else thinks or says. They get paid to entertain. If you don’t like what they hv to say don’t listen to the station.

  6. These equality groups and LGBT groups don’t want equality they want to cause trouble. Poke fun at a straight person or “normal” person is ok but, poke fun at transsexual or gay or whatever and they jump. It’s not equality it’s just another reason to try to make some money by suing people. Pitiful! Freedom of speech!!! It’s a radio program and everyone should have right to speech. Everyday our amendment rights are revoked for crap like this!

  7. Really? That’s what I’m thinking – and not about the showgram – but about the reactions of people to what was clearly nothing more than humor. How many jokes have Letterman, Conan, Howard Stern, Kimmel,and others made about Caitlin Jenner? Are you demanding apologies from them as well? And as far as Caitlin Jenner’s homophobic treatment – get real. The whole Jenner/Kardashian clan are nothing but publicity whores who will do anything or anyone for a little more notoriety. I’m in no way saying that this was the reason for Caitlin’s transition, but let’s get real. If you put all of your business out there for all the world to see – you’d better expect a few jokes. Do we honestly expect this degree of political correctness of everyone? Grow up, and get a sense of humor. And yes, I’m gay and about as liberal as they come.

  8. People it is really simple. If you are upset at what you are hearing stop listening. All of these “Media Whores” like Jenner, Sharpton and the Kardashians thrive on this kind of stuff. These support groups like LGBT and such don’t have a job unless they are stirring up the pot! Get a clue people, they are so worried about Bob and the Showgram that the loose sight of what is really happening around them. If they are not causing trouble for another group then they have no money or jobs thus nothing to do. It’s all about the dollar and face time!!!

  9. Well just to let you knowi have been a listener of g105 for years , what has happened to free speech and know one is the same and if you don’t like the station there is others on the air !

  10. Last I heard freedom of speech was still alive and well. If you don’t like what is on the radio or TV, change the station. We have become the United States of the offended and I am tired of people trying to dictate what I can listen to or watch because their feelings are hurt. I support freedom for all, and that includes MY freedom to listen to things You may not necessarily agree with. I think Bob is a jerk sometimes but he has as much right to express how he feels as anyone else. Build a bridge and get over it.

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