raleighcenter_logo_smRALEIGH — Get out the moving boxes. Be sure to call U-Haul. The LGBT Center of Raleigh announced Wednesday it has found a location for its first-ever public location. Triangle Community Works, with which the Center recently teamed up in a “strategic partnership,” will be joining them.

The Center’s board said they have signed a lease for downtown office and conference space at 316 W. Cabarrus St. Triangle Community Works will move there from their offices on N. Boylan Ave., where the Center had been utilizing some space on a temporary basis.

“The space will serve as an office and conference area, as well as an informal gathering spot for individuals and groups with ties to the LGBT Community,” the board said in an email to supporters. “Although not as spacious as we ultimately envision our center to be, this is an ideal springboard for the organization, both in terms of location and affordability. We are committed to this location for at least one year.”

The board said they’ll be hard at work sprucing up and re-arranging some of the existing features of the space and hope to have their grand opening coincide with the Human Rights Campaign Carolinas Gala, which takes place in Raleigh on Feb. 27.

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  1. Great location. Not only is it within walking distance of most of downtown Raleigh’s LGBT businesses (White Rabbit, the clubs, etc), but it’s got good access to public transportation—the R-line, CAT, and Amtrak. Smart decision.

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