3 replies on “QPoll: Do you believe it is bigotry if a religious person thinks homosexuality is a sin?”

  1. Bigotry is sourced in actions one takes based on their beliefs, not the belief itself. So a person who has a religious belief that homosexuality is a sin, is not bigoted. When that person kicks out a tenant from their property, refuses them service, denies them a raise, hires and fires based on that belief, or commits acts of shame, humiliation, and attack against someone who is homosexual, or someone who does not agree with their belief, then their belief has lead to intolerance and has become bigotry.

    1. I was going to say exactly what Joseph said. I didn’t answer the poll because there is no accurate answer. A person is free to believe what ever they want to. It’s only bigotry if they use those beliefs as an excuse for treating those with different beliefs in a degrading way.

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