Regular visitors to Q-Notes Online have already noticed a change in our online presence. A week prior to this current issue, Q-Notes staff rolled out our website’s new design.

The new Q-Notes Online features daily news, RSS feeds, article talkbacks, staff blogs, a daily email news update and more. The new site and its behind-the-scenes construction enable us to better serve you and helps us get the news out faster and better than ever before.

On the new website readers can engage in community discussions on each published article. You can also sign up to receive a daily email delivered right to your inbox every morning containing the latest LGBT news from around the Carolinas.

For those who are a little more tech savvy, Q-Notes Online now offers RSS feeds, allowing you to subscribe to content from virtually any section of the site.

Built with the popular blogging platform WordPress, we hope the new website will be able to grow and change simultaneously with the internet and web trends of the blogosphere. We also hope to build close relationships with LGBT bloggers around the Carolinas and nation. Increased use of video reporting is also in development.

Be sure to look at our two newest staff blogs, InsideSource with editor Matt Comer and Daily Popcorn, a queer-oriented pop culture blog with associate editor David Stout

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One reply on “Q-Notes Online gets makeover”

  1. Q-Notes Staff,

    Congratulations on a great website! Matt, I ran into David Stout today and he said you deserve most of the credit. You (and everyone else at Q-Notes who played a role) deserve many kudos for the hard work you’ve put into the revamp.

    Q-Notes has been such a great supporter of the LGBT community for so long … since even before I came out as a freshman at UNC in 1989. Keep up the amazing work!


    Doug Ferguson

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