2 replies on “Q-Notes coverage?”

  1. First off I commend Matt for the great job he is doing as the “new” editor of Q Notes. I feel as time goes by we will see Matt broaden his reporting style to include all areas of the LGBT community, specifically the smaller community events and gatherings that at times are the only social outlet for our friends in these areas.

    Case in point, The Adam Foundation in Winston-Salem schedules screenings of new and relevant queer cinema at the theater on the campus of the Shool of the Arts. Past screenings of “For The Bible Tells Me So” had a command repeat showing with a discussion some of the family members shown in the film.

    And there are always other events happening that seldom if ever get any press in the remote areas of both states. But, Q Notes ahs a samll staff and I’m sure they would welcome any of us to submit articles as guest columnists. Right Matt?

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