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  1. i was in semi-drag for a halloween party. on the way home i got pulled over for my running lights being burned out. the officer “mistook” me for a woman, except he knew i was a man. he collected all my information, called me affectionate pet names, and implied he was going to follow me home in exchange for not writing me a citation or two. he didn’t follow me all the way to my house, but he did follow me half-way and i was in fear for weeks afterwards that he would show up at my apartment, since he’d written my address down while he had me pulled over.

  2. I was in the same boate as JVM, however, I got nothing but respect when I got pulled. The officer had a few laughs, which in my own opinion, were well deserved considering I was dressed like a pregnant nun, but nothing but respect was given. I’ve never had a problem with police and my sexual orientation. I have more of a problem with the way the police handle (or don’t handle rather) serious problems in our community.

  3. i guess i’ve had a bad string of luck, but i’ve never had a positive experience with a police officer, whether it be the situation i mentioned above or being completely mistreated during a situation involving domestic violence. the police here are not properly trained to deal with lgbt scenarios. sorry, but i don’t like the police at all. they don’t make me feel safe.

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