J.T. Wentz battles the St. Louis Crusaders in tourney play. Photo Credit: Alex Aguilar

Here at the sports news desk of qnotes, we are hoping you are enjoying the cool fall weather and taking in some of the exciting sporting events happening around the Carolinas, (even the Panthers are plagued by injuries and Cam is going through his sophomore slump). So, here is a rundown of what you might have missed and what things you shouldn’t miss in the next month!


On Oct. 13, the Charlotte Royals participated in a three-team tournament down in Atlanta during Pride weekend hosted by the Atlanta Bucks. This rivalry between the Bucks and Royals goes back to 2004 when Charlotte was first starting their team and lead to many memorable, if not heated and controversial, matches. After a three-year hiatus between the two teams, the Royals traveled south to prove they are the best gay rugby team in the southeast.

Joined in Atlanta by the St. Louis Crusaders, the Royals watched the Bucks easily defeat the Crusaders 33-8. In a game that was closer than the score indicated, St. Louis fought valiantly, staying close to Atlanta through the first half. In the second half, they ran out of steam and the Bucks pulled away. Charlotte had the advantage of playing St. Louis shortly after their loss and took no pity on them by walloping the Crusaders 39-0 in the second game of the tournament. The Royals dominated every facet of the game, earning their first shutout of the season.

In the final/championship game of the tournament, the Royals and Bucks faced off in the marquee matchup to determine southern supremacy. A gritty, tightly tested affair, the game was a major departure from the first two of the tourney. Ball control and hard tackling were staples of both teams throughout which lead to a rightful, although somewhat unsatisfying, 10-10 final score. Earning Man of the Match honors during the weekend were J.T. Wentz, Zach Anderson and Danny Wadsworth.

Officials named both teams co-champions, with Charlotte having a higher aggregate score from the two games they played. This leaves Charlotte still undefeated on the season with a 3-0-1 record as they prepare for their three-game home stand to end the season with games on Nov. 3, 10 and 17 against the Nashville Grizzlies, the Columbus Coyotes and Table Rock respectively. Come out and support them as they try to finish the season undefeated for the first time in their existence. For game times and locations, check them out on Facebook or go to their website, charlotteroyals.org.


The Knoxville Cyclones hosted their second annual KTown Klassic tournament on Oct. 13. One of the smaller tournaments in the southeast, it still featured some of the best teams around the area in both C and D divisions, as well as a women’s division. The Louisville Derby City Devils stormed through the weekend in the C division, winning almost all their games by at least five runs, earning a trip to the finals against the Atlanta Rampage, a team that struggled early in tourney, but were able to find their mojo on the second day. The championship was well played and mostly error-free. The Devils were able to overcome an early game deficit with a rally in the fifth inning and maintained their advantage to the last out claiming the victory.

The D division was a good bit more exciting since it featured the hometown team, the Cyclones, in a matchup against the Columbus XXX in the last game of the tournament. The crowd was rowdy, excited and, yes, a little drunk, as they cheered on their Knoxville team. Buoyed by the fans’ support and energy, the Cyclones were able to come up with big play after big play and came through victorious, led by pitcher Danny Turner, outfielder Justin Maguire and second baseman Brad Hurst who all played excellent defense all tournament long.


Raleigh hosted the Crape Myrtle Tennis Classic Oct. 24. Unfortunately, the sports news team was unable to attend this event, but here are the results from what we are sure was an outstanding and competitive event.

For full results and scores, go to glta.tournamentsoftware.com for more details.


Men’s Singles Open
Jamar Wright def. Stephen Arnold

Men’s Doubles Open
Stephen Arnold & Gustavo Parra def. John Bane & Jamar Wright

Have a happy Thanksgiving from everyone at qnotes. Be sure to work off all that turkey and dressing by getting out and supporting your local gay athletes and athletics! : :