Chris Hood loves living and working in Charlotte. “I don’t plan on leaving anytime soon,” he declares. We believe him — the guy puts down roots. Hood grew up in Rock Hill, where he was “very active in sports and the community.” He left the city to attend Clemson University and after graduating in 2010, he went back home, got a job with a financial firm and came out.

“I worked there for about two years and realized I needed to get away from Rock Hill so I could truly find myself.” This past spring Hood landed a job with JHG Financial and made his big move. “Maybe it’s because I am from a small town, but never in my life had my sexuality been viewed as a positive — instead of a hindrance — like it is here in Charlotte. The LGBT community accepted me immediately and I made a ton of new friends, who helped me be comfortable with myself.” Fabulous! We definitely love a happy ending here at 20Q. (So if anyone’s offering, text us!) Keep reading, dear reader, to learn more about our new Charlotte homeboy, Chris.

Do you prefer slapstick humor or witty repartee?

I would say slapstick. While I enjoy a witty comeback as much as the next guy, I enjoy not having to think when laughing.

What is your favorite food that comes in a can?

Chef Boyardee spaghetti and meatballs. The nostalgia of childhood in a can.

Which one of the following would get your vote for Prom King: Matt Bomer, Chris Colfer, Anderson Cooper or Neil Patrick Harris?

NPH by a landslide. Is there anyone cooler than NPH?

What’s the ideal color for a cat?

Anything but black. I will literally turn around and take a different route to avoid crossing a black cat’s path.

Which deceased musical artist do you most wish you had seen in concert?

I would have loved to see Michael Jackson live. Best performer of all time.

Are you more likely to be found working on a sudoku puzzle, a tan or your automobile?

I try to stay a shade darker than Casper, but definitely Sudoku — even have an app on my phone.

How do these films rank based on the number of times you’ve seen them: “The Bourne Identity,” “Casino Royale,” “Mission: Impossible,” “Salt”?

“Casino Royale” (Daniel Craig is awesome); “The Bourne Identity”; “Salt” (surprisingly good movie); “Mission: Impossible” (not a Tom Cruise fan).

On a scale from 1 (tepid) to 10 (scalding), how warm do you like your showers?

I’m going to say 8 or 9. My skin is usually a little red when drying off.

What was your favorite outdoor game as a child?

Capture the flag — we used to have huge neighborhood matches with 20 or so kids. Of course, that was back when kids still played outside.

Which artistic pursuit do you have the most talent for?

I’m not a very artsy guy, but in the shower I am a pretty good lead vocalist.

Do you own a baseball glove?

Two. I played through high school. I have two because I used to chew on them and ruined one.

Which decade seems like it was tailor made for teenagers?

The ’90s, but that’s a biased answer. I guess because it was a time when parents seemed to still give their kids a little bit of freedom. Cell phones not being invented yet probably helped.

What is your favorite condiment?

Ketchup. I put it on just about everything.

Are you more likely to watch a movie at home from a purchased disc, a Redbox rental or On Demand?

On Demand. I have a wandering mind and somehow always end up paying $10 for a Redbox movie.

Which TV show (past or present) has the most attractive cast?

“True Blood” — game, set, match.

How often do you wear a belt?

Always! There is no excuse not to! I lost a good friend because he wasn’t wearing his. [Ed. Note: This one took us a minute. We couldn’t figure out how a person could die from not wearing a belt, until we realized you were talking about a seatbelt. We meant tanned leather with a shiny buckle. We’re sorry for your loss, in any case.]

Corn Flakes, cornbread or corn on the cob?

Corn on the cob. Corn has always been one of my favorite foods. My grandmother always used to make me get two vegetables at cafeteria-style restaurants and I would come back with two corns. She would just laugh and shake her head.

When was the last time you jumped on a trampoline?

It has been far too long. But, that reminds me: I broke my tailbone on a trampoline trying to do a fancy backflip and had to sit on a pillow at school for a few weeks. That was probably the last time.

Do you like marshmallow peanuts?

Gross! I always hated those things — not the biggest marshmallow fan.

Have you ever been to the Grand Canyon?

Unfortunately, no, but I would love to one day. Will qnotes fund a trip? It is long overdue. : :

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