Ed. Note — The following guest commentary is a response to the Oct. 4 commentary, “No support for censored play,” by Norman Flowers. Ryan Wilson is the president of the South Carolina Pride Movement.

What happened to “Naked Boys Singing” with The State newspaper is truly typical of how The State paper treats most of the LGBT stories and events in South Carolina. They are biased, irresponsible journalists. We as a community were shocked that they even covered the “So Gay” stories at all. Personally I wouldn’t line a birdcage with The State newspaper, nor do I buy it or read it. I chose to read The Free-Times (sponsor of SC Pride ’07 and ’08) and of course, Q-Notes.

As for the lack of response from our community? While SC Pride Movement was up to its ears in its own events, programs and planning for SC Pride 2008, no one approached us asking us directly for help. Our meeting times are posted publicly and all meetings are open to the public. A simple phone call or email to me would have added this issue to the agenda at any monthly SC Pride Movement board meeting. Had we known that the author wanted us to do something, we would have gladly considered it. The Free-Times would have been glad to run the ad for the show and we could have used our contacts with them to help get this ad placed if someone had asked for our help initially. We first learned of this issue in Q-Notes, along with all the other readers in North and South Carolina.

We are not afraid, homophobic or closeted here at SC Pride Movement. We just didn’t know that we were expected to address this issue without being asked. Here in South Carolina, sometimes we have to “pick our battles” and addressing the “So Gay” ads was the battle we were drawn into over the last few months. If the author was from South Carolina or had lived here long enough, he would have known the struggles we face daily and would have sympathy for the community here instead of harsh words. Aren’t gays great at eating our own? We fight amongst ourselves instead of fighting those who seek to hurt us. The State newspaper is the problem, not South Carolina’s LGBT community!

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