I am supporting Obama because I respect him and am excited about his plans to help the people of our country, not because Palin is a frightening and offensive woman who wants to take my daughters rights away.

It is not because McCain is an erratic and frightening man with bad judgment. While that could be quite enough, I support Obama because he is an intelligent, aware, responsible person. He is not an alcoholic “Joe 6-Pack” or a “Hockey mom” with very bad grammar. He is an intelligent and caring man who will represent our country in a way that we will not have to be embarrassed any more.

Obama knows that in the 1990s the federal budget was balanced and he knows that we are now in the worst financial position in our country’s history. He does not have to make up lies and distort the truth about McCain’s voting record, or taxes. Palin constantly lies, and she blames interviewers for asking “hard” questions like “what newspaper do you read?” If she is this fragile, do we want her that close to the White House?

Obama does not throw stones as if everything is okay when he does it but believe it’s horrific if someone else does. His yardstick is the same for everyone. My respect for him has grown daily. I stood in line for hours, and my daughter and I walked for eight miles just to see and hear this man give us hope for change that we have grown more and more desperate for ever since George W. bullied and threatened his way into the White House. No more!

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