From the doggie kisses to the warm snuggles, your dog has always brought a smile to your face and provided you with unconditional love when you needed it the most. Tis the season of giving, so don’t forget the four-legged friend in your family when it comes time to put up your holiday decorations or place the presents under the tree.

The best gifts are those that capture the spirit of the season and honor the essence of our four-legged friends — fun, generous and unique. But since your dog can’t tell you what’s on his wish list, you’ll just have to trust your dog-loving instincts to help you sniff out the perfect gift. For a little inspiration, here are five ideas for spot-on holiday gifts for your perfect pooch:

Photos with Santa
Santa loves children, but he also has a special place in his heart for animals, especially reindeer and of course, dogs. Plan a road trip to your nearest pet specialty retailer to give your dog some much-needed face time with the ultimate gift-giver. Plus, your dog will also get a chance to socialize with some of his doggie friends when the photo session is over. The best part is that professional photographers take the pictures and they are able to snap the photo at just the right time when your dog has his ears perked up and his tongue lolling. The experience isn’t complete, though, until you make a stop in the apparel aisle to pick out a nice Christmas sweater for your canine companion. You want to make sure your dog stays cozy and warm as the weather turns colder.

An Ornament to Get Your Dogs Barking
Show your dog how much you love him by paying tribute to him on your tree with a special ornament. Purina Dog Chow is celebrating the upcoming release of the Fox comedy “Marley & Me” with a limited edition holiday ornament featuring the most rascally dog in America, a yellow lab named Marley. The ornament celebrates the upcoming release of the Marley & Me movie on Christmas Day and depicts Marley riding on a sled and crashing into a snowman. This collector’s item will be available in specially-marked bags of Purina Dog Chow brand Dog Food and Purina Puppy Chow brand Puppy Food this holiday season. Visit to find out more about how you can get your paws on one.

Stocking Stuffed with Treats
Make a personalized stocking for your dog with his name on it, and then stuff it with his favorite treats. Don’t be surprised when your dog skips his morning ritual of nuzzling you with his cold nose, and instead follows the scents of his favorite snacks and heads straight for his hanging stocking. To really get your dog drooling, fill the stocking with a variety of delicious selections like crunchy bones, mouth-watering bacon-flavored strips and long-lasting chews. Keep some extras on hand because your dog is sure to want seconds.

Toys that Make Noise
A dog can never have too many squeaky toys, especially since dogs have a natural instinct to chew. Pamper your dog’s playful side by placing a variety of sweet-sounding toys in a decorative box that can be easily accessed by your curious canine. Consider toys of different materials like rubber or rope that will pique your dog’s interest. Then, when your holiday guests start to arrive, pull out the box and your dog will be busy for hours.

Winter Wonderland Walk
Some gifts won’t fit under the tree, but those are the gifts that dogs love most. Carve out time after your holiday feast to take your dog for a walk around the block. With all of the commotion around the holidays, your dog will be excited for a little one-on-one time with his favorite human companion. This is another great time to break out the doggie Christmas sweater to really get your dog in a festive mood.