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Donald Trump and Pat McCrory campaigning together in Wilmington, N.C.

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Two days after conceding the North Carolina governor’s race to Democratic challenger Roy Cooper, Pat McCrory will meet with president-elect Donald Trump.

Trump’s transition team made the announcement on Tuesday, saying the meeting would take place on Wednesday at Trump Tower, but offering no other details.

McCrory campaigned with Trump and gave a tepid endorsement during the summer. He distanced himself from the comments Trump was heard making on a 2005 tape which surfaced during the late stages of the campaign, in which the now president-elect bragged about sexually assaulting women.

Despite calling the comments “disgusting” and condemning them, he continued to support him. He even called him “the best of America” during a campaign stop in Wilmington, after the tape had surfaced.

Asked during the summer if he would consider appointing McCrory to a position in his cabinet, Trump told the News & Observer, “Certainly, it would be something I’d consider.”

At one point Trump voiced support for transgender individuals using whatever bathroom they felt comfortable with, before walking those comments back and saying he sided with the governor on House Bill 2 (HB2). In addition to nullifying nondiscrimination ordinances passed throughout the state, HB2 requires trans people to use the bathrooms and locker rooms matching the gender on their birth certificate in government owned buildings.

McCrory joked about the bathrooms while campaigning with Trump. The law lost the state millions of dollars in revenue and hundreds of jobs due to boycotts.

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  1. Yes, by all means let Patty boy go to DC
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