North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory sure does love him some gay cultural icons.

On Tuesday, he got to hang out with Stevie Nicks. He was so proud of the moment, he posted it on Facebook yesterday.

It reminds us of the time back in 1999 when McCrory, then mayor of Charlotte, got to hang out with all the cool kids when Cyndi Lauper came to town.

Lauper was in Charlotte headlining a fundraiser for the Regional AIDS Interfaith Network, held on Sept. 28, 1999, in Uptown’s Mythos. (It’s the same location as today’s Phoenix on College St.)

Mythos, for those who don’t remember it, was an extremely gay-friendly nightlife spot. The owner, Andy Kastanas, has been a longtime supporter of the LGBT community and of RAIN.

But for all his love of gay cultural icons, Mr. McCrory just can’t ever seem to find the same kind of love and support for his LGBT constituents — supporting the state’s anti-LGBT marriage amendment and routinely giving Charlotte’s LGBT community the coldest of cold shoulders. And when he wasn’t busy ignoring queer people? Well, he was actively seeking to silence us. This, from former editor David Moore’s editorial in 2005:

In the latest McCrory gaffe, Pat proves once again that Charlotte’s LGBT community better reach for a life jacket as he sides with the lunatic fringe group Operation Save America about the city’s upcoming ’05 gay pride event.

McCrory told Observer writer Christina Breen he believes Charlotte Pride isn’t appropriate for a public place. He also said he had talked to lawyers about the legality of the festival and was told that it would be unconstitutional to deny organizers a permit based on what they might do.

“I do not want that festival in a park setting,” McCrory said. “If they need to do it, I think it belongs in a hotel” or other private setting.

Regardless of McCrory’s thoughts on Charlotte Gay Pride, the city did issue a license for this year’s event.

Maybe, just maybe, McCrory will see fit to throw some of that gay cultural icon fangirling over to the actual gay people who’ve helped to make those icons’ careers such a success.

Pictures from the 1999 Lauper event are below, from the qnotes archive.



Matt Comer

Matt Comer previously served as editor from October 2007 through August 2015 and as a staff writer afterward in 2016.

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  1. Pat is first and foremost a politician and as long as stupid rednecks inhabit the state legislature you can expect him to act accordingly.

  2. Governor Pat McCrory is a friend of the LGBT Community, as long as being a friend of the LGBT Community means you treat them like Second Class Citizens.

  3. Yes, most of today’s young and sad culture will never know or appreciate the club ‘Mythos’. Remember, it may have been gay friendly in some way, but was far from being a gay night club. That said, Andy Kastanas was one of several ‘owners’ at the time. On a different note, Pat McCrory is an embarrassment to this city and this state. Operation Save America and Flip Benham will split Hell wide open one day for their actions.

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