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Donald Trump and Pat McCrory campaigning together in Wilmington, N.C.

By Lavendrick Smith, by The Charlotte Observer

It appears former Gov. Pat McCrory has a new gig – talk radio.

The former Charlotte mayor will make daily appearances on Charlotte-based radio station WBT, where he will discuss politics and other things. McCrory announced the news on Facebook, where he said he’d post each segment.

McCrory was on WBT Tuesday morning and criticized Charlotte City Council and Mayor Jennifer Roberts for not holding prayer before Monday’s council meeting. The city might end the tradition of praying before council meetings after a recent court case ruled against Rowan County commissioners’ method of prayer.

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“Sadly, they brought this up probably to stir controversy,” McCrory said on the station Tuesday.

The talk show appearances come months after McCrory said he was struggling with finding employment, in part due to the controversial House Bill 2. In March, he told The (Raleigh) News & Observer that employers were reluctant to hire him because of the now-repealed “bathroom bill.”

“That’s not the way our American system should operate – having people purged due to political thought,” he told The N&O.

This article was originally published by The Charlotte Observer.

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  1. Conservative talk radio is the last refuge for politicians that are so incompetent and unwanted that they can’t find gigs in law firms, consulting, or think tanks. WBT must be desperate or have a major advertising account that was a big McCrory donor that was looking for a favor to keep McCrory occupied.

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