Miss Della and her ‘babies’ at the recent Miss TX FFI in Dallas. She calls them her Little Latino morsels.
Photo Credit: Marco Antonio Reyes

Oh, boys and girls, it’s hotter than the Cuban baseball team here, dayum! My big ass is suffering but enjoying the pageantry season, too.

As you know, I’ve just gotten back from a fabulous trip to Dallas, TX. Picture that — the Big D in Big D looking for a big d! And the bitch found it, too. But that’s another story for another time. This time, the pic is of me and two little precious Latino morsels. The one on my right is Edgar. He’s from Dallas (his brother creates the illusion of Leyla Edwards O’Hara — more on her later). The one to the left is Joseph, a dancer from San Antonio. I must say, they know how to do a damned pageant in TX! I was there to judge Miss TX FFI and At Large, and it was run exquisitely. It started on time, finished early — just lovely. I did want to mention a hot bar I went to the night I arrived. It’s called Kaliente, a gay Latino bar. Need I say more?

But the pageant — yes, the pageant! There were 33 contestants in this third year. The finalists were Kofi, Jenna Skyy, Rita D. Andrews, Amber Stevens, Iroc Octavia Goodness, Prisilla Edwards, Samantha DeSante, Alexis Nicole Whitney, Rajah O’Hara Narcisse, Chevelle Brooks, Leyla Edwards O’Hara, Ariel O’Hara, Alexiya Nicole Davenport and Mercedes DeMarco. There were so many gorgeous girls who are not afraid of big hair or make-up. How refreshing that was.

For Miss TX FFI, a fierce little, newer child won by the name of Leyla Edwards O’Hara. Her RU’s were Jenna Skyy and Alexis Nicole Whitney. Chevelle Brooks won the At Large contest. Her RUs were Alexiya Nicole Davenport and a fierce Mercedes DeMarco. Let me tell you how impressed I was with Leyla — her mentors Asia O’Hara and Alyssa Edwards had that child groomed to perfection. This little “boy queen” burned the building down in Gown (and yes, won overall Gown) and turned the place out in Talent. They say she’s a good kid who keeps her nose clean and doesn’t mind spending money on drag. Add a fantastic support group to that, including an adorable younger gay brother, and you have the makings of a national titleholder. Get ready — I predict, on her current path, she’ll have her first big crown in two to three years and the second within five. She’s destined to — she’s the only one to wear the TX FFI crown who hasn’t won a national title. Think about it. Quote of the night also went to Leyla for Gown commentary — “Do you like Gown competition and why?” Her reply — “Yes, I do. Have you seen me in one?” Best overall Talent went to Alexiya Nicole Davenport, Creative Presentation —Kofi, Most Beautiful—Mercedes DeMarco and Congeniality to Iroc Octavia Goodness. A distinguished service award went to Scott Ross. Promoter of the Year was Vincent Zubiri and Prelim of the Year went to the photographer of me and the babies — Marco Antonio Reyes. I can’t thank Stacey Holliday and her business partners Efrain and her “real” partner (and my secret boyfriend) Edward for the royal treatment while in the Lone Star State. The same goes to my good friends Jose and Lupe.

In other pageant news, we have a new Miss EOY whom I understand completely turned the city of Louisville out in her first attempt at a national contest. Under the tutelage of Dee Ranged, this big girl who just started doing drag this February (yes, in 2008) stormed the building and won the whole thing.

Her name is Nina West. You can look her up on youtube, of course. Her RUs were Armani and Domanique Chappelle. Erika Norell won Most Beautiful. (More details will be available in the next Rag in September). The same weekend, Savion Simpson Black won the Mr. EOY contest.
On the America scene, Adrienne Fischer is the new Miss OK with RU Shantel Mandalay. Victoria DePaula is Miss DC with RU Jessica Jade; Miss PA is Vicky Dominatrix; and Miss OH is Hellin Bedd.

Winners of prelims to Miss U.S.ofA. At Large include Miss Arkansas Katrina Dupree, Miss Indiana Tajma Hall with RU Alexis Stevens and VA Regional Ivy White with RU Amaya.

On the local scene, we have a new Miss Firecracker at Scandal’s. Sassi Stevenz won with RU Ericka LaShae. The new Miss Sex Kitten at Warehouse 29 is Biggie (Big Shirli Shappelle Stevenz) with RUs Fuchsia Rage, Tia Chanella and Ashleigh Adams. Hunny, Miss Shirli has been on a roll here lately! The new Miss Pride Charlotte is none other than Cinnamen (who won Talent and Creative Presentation), with RUs Briana Love (winner of Gown) and Lita Fontaine. My thanks to Sabrina Love and club owner Ralf for having me. It was a pleasure to judge with Peter Paige of Showtime’s “Queer As Folk,” Felicia Monet and Shy. Hats off to Dorae Saunders who gave it up in style and class.

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  1. hi miss della how’s it going baby? Well we r fine here in Texas. im so glad u enjoyed the miss ffi pageant. cause i enjoyed every minute of it my favorite was when i won best perl. of the yr. there r more pics of the pageant on myspace.com/fortworthlatinaffi enjoy and hope to see u next year ok. take care of u

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