Howdy folks, and welcome to the column about what I consider to be the greatest show on Earth!
As usual, I’ll be all over the place, rambling about this and that.

We have new national titleholders — that’s enough to celebrate about, right? Over Easter weekend, Miss Continental PLUS and Elite were held. What good news I have to report on. The PLUS finalists included September Murphy, Terri DeMoore, Whitney Paige, Farra N. Hyte, Allison Knight, Noel Leon, Summer Breeze. The Top Five are Roxxxy Andrews, Kitty Litter, 2nd runner-up Kofi, 1st RU Amelia Black and the winner, a gorgeous Latina queen by the name of Coco Van Cartier, all the way from Las Vegas. I told a friend of mine that evening upon hearing the good news that I guess we’ll have a sweet queen with a laid mug for 12 months. How sick-a-ning! The next night was Miss Elite and the finalists included Jaime Perry, Leigh Shannon, Jodie Santana, Ginger Manchester, Daesha Richards, Evelyn Thomas, Chris Edwards, Asia Black, Charisse, 2nd RU Amanda Roberts, 1st RU Tiifany McCray and winner Michelle Fighter. Many of you who’ve been to Continental before would remember Michelle as the Filipina queen who sings live. I heard she really turned the place out this time doing Elite with a fantastic “All That Jazz” talent and an exquisite gown. All right, sister — you get to wear that crown after all!

On the horizon, we have Miss Gay U.S.ofA. and Classic and I can’t tell you how proud I am of of my old girlfriend Shae Shae LaReese, the outgoing Miss Classic. She has tried to keep in touch after each of her prelims and just let me know what a wonderful experience this has been for her. Shae Shae proved long ago at different contests (Miss U.S.ofA., Miss Gay America, Miss EOY, Miss Gay National) that she had what it took to be a memorable national titleholder. She has looked fantastic every time I’ve seen her, has a nice wardrobe and can still boogie, Classic or whatever. Hats off to you, feesh.

One of Shae Shae’s last prelims was Miss North, which Dena Cass won with RU Kofi. Before that, there was Texas which LaWanda Jackson won. Sounds like a showdown of the old school girls to me. Where the “original” Miss U.S.ofA. is concerned, I do know that Kara Young Ross has been to three more prelims and reigned supremely — Miss Indiana, which Holly Luyah won, Miss IL which Montana Michaels won, and Miss Arkansas, which former Miss Gay America Dominique Sanchez won. Woooh, I smell a winner and it could be coming from the Little Rock direction. My good Judy Tajma Hall called on her way to Miss Florida U.S.ofA. at Large and I know that Angelica “Piggy” Sanchez won. Her RUs were Jocelyn Summers, with alternates Roxxxy Andrews and Mizery.

Since I mentioned Continental earlier, it is only fitting that I should tell you how happy I am that Alyssa Edwards just won Miss Shining Star with runners-up Shantel DeMarco and Aurora Sexton. This alone is enough to make me want the first Monday in September to get here really fast, especially when you throw in Mokha Montrese, Melania Cortez, and Armani. Dat’s wassup!

On the Miss America scene, Sue Nami has just won Miss Maryland; her RU was Chi Chi Ray Colby. The new Miss Delaware is Tisha Towers. I’m sure local Q-Notes readers (maybe not the ’Net fans) have noticed that the Miss North Carolina America pageant is warming up — all these ads about the state pageant this fall and the city prelims that will lead up to it. How exciting. And, what’s this I hear about Charlotte being considered again to host Miss Gay America in 2010? I guess we’ll wait and see. I have yet to get out to the Scorpio since all the gussying up and renovating, but I understand it is some kind of lovely. Let me get my old ass out there one night to take it all in. I hear Divas show bar is really ‘de luxe’ these days. Well, it’s got to be right for the Legend of South Boulevard, Kasey King, to do her show over there. It would be good to see her and her new workspace soon.

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  1. How about some local information on the Pride Charlotte Pageantry System that’s been holding preliminaries to Miss Pride Charlotte. Mr. Pride Charlotte MI (for drag kings) is going to be held on June 28 at 8PM at Hartigans and Miss Pride Charlotte will be held on July 10 at 9PM at the Scorpio. Entertainers for Miss Pride Charlotte will include Angela Lopez, Dorae Saunders, Chevelle Brooks, and one other that hasn’t been confirmed yet. More information can be found by emailing or visiting

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