There is magic in the air when three personal planets — Mercury, Venus and Mars — all change signs. Prepare for a cool sip of serendipity delivered with a jolt of caffeine. Just be sure to capitalize on every frothy dream and whip it up into a frenzy.

AQUARIUS (01.21-02.19) If you put your money where your mouth is, expect to swallow it. The fates encourage you to spend, spend, spend on junk. Aqueerians don’t always focus on the hidden costs and this may be an extravagantly wasteful time. When it is all over, you may be left with a handful of dust, a hangover and some treadmarks. Oh, but what wonderful memories!

PISCES (02.20-03.20) Guppies are mystical and revel in their otherworldliness. It gets you what you want. And, you are sure to surpass your usual quota of mellowness and intuition. But, if you need to focus and concentrate or are angling for anything that is important to long-term growth, wait to act until later, if possible. Try to go with the cosmic flow for now and avoid spillage.

ARIES (03.21-04.20) Your intuition is running on overdrive. Polish your crystal ball. What is that you see in this fog and mist? You may surprise yourself with all your great insights, proud Ram. Don’t waste time second guessing and procrastinating. This is the time to overachieve on your karma. Put all your best intentions to good works. It pays off in the spring.

TAURUS (04.21-05.21) There are some friends who love to waste your time, but why should you care? Life needs its pleasant, nonsensical diversions especially now. Let off some steam and defer your more serious life goals. These pals are loads of fun and provide intangible happiness. This is your reason for living now, queer Bull. So, live a little and stop looking for hidden agendas.

GEMINI (05.22-06.21) Pink Twins feel great pressure to succeed at all costs. Why is it then that things now get in the way? As you rumble down the cosmic superhighway hoping to make up for lost time, there is some annoyingly slow traffic lumbering in the fast lane. It could be a few randy pals who happily spread tacks on your primrose path to slow you down. So, stop and smell the roses.

CANCER (06.22-07.23) Your juices are brought to a boil when life hands you a choice. Business or pleasure? Gay Crabs think that they can escape all emergencies at work by travelling, but, ha! There is no hiding from your responsibilities. However, you may find that you have inspiring solutions to intractable old problems. Then again, maybe you are just inspiring yourself.

LEO (07.24-08.23) While proud Lions are tempted to take a certain relationship to the next steamy level, hold off and cool down right now. There may be stars in your eyes. See if who you want is what you want. Or, maybe acting out on your sexy impulses work well on those who you know less well. At least it will be easier to avoid them when the bloom is off your rose-colored glasses.

VIRGO (08.24-09.23) Queer Virgins want their recognition…right now! But, as the fates begin to mix up your magic, you find that you would do better to blend into the background and wait for your next best professional move. There are those who are close to you who are more concerned with their self interests than with your self actualization. Forgive and forget. Well, at least, forgive.

LIBRA (09.24-10.23) If you feel pulled in several directions at once, don’t get bent out of shape. Take a breath. Pouring on the work can create domestic discord and tempt you with possible escape and escapades. Relationships vie for your attention with demanding bosses. You can run, but you can’t hide, gay Libra! Face the music and dance. Uh, is gangnam still in style?

SCORPIO (10.24-11.22) Increase the level of intensity in your everyday life and allow yourself to be led into temptation. But, try not to overdo, especially with exercise. Silly, preventable accidents can occur. On the other hand, creative and fun activities can take on a life of their own and leave you feeling exhausted and dissipated by the end of the week. Lucky Scorp.

SAGITTARIUS (11.23-12.22) Your home may not be the most relaxing place to be, but you can handle anything from leaky pipes to family tussles. Bring it on so you can cross it off your list. Needy relatives may vie for your attention and partners may have to intervene or referee. Everybody wants a piece of you now, gay Archer. What piece will you give? How about your mind.

CAPRICORN (12.23-01.20) Get back to work and finish some long-standing projects, pink Cap. This can be a very productive time where, if you concentrate, you may even scratch your way up to the next rung. Yet, you can be sidetracked with a variety of less important things. Will you be tempted? Try to stick to your game and keep your eye on the ball. No names please. : :

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