What if you could group the sexiest athletic guys from Myspace into one place, make them all gay and then converse with them through email, live chat and blogging?

Well, you can! RealJock is one of the best organized and fastest growing online communities for gay men who are looking for advice about weight control, nutrition, flexibility training, cross-training, aerobic activities, weight training regimens, boot camp vacations and social events. With more than 120,000 members from around the world, it is a lively and diverse place for people who are eager to converse about exercise, fitness, dating, health and politics.

Fitness technique and regimens
The new user can become easily overwhelmed by all the information on this site. A good way to get introduced to the resources available is to look through the index of topics in the various forums. From there it is easy to surf through the various types of activities you might enjoy including in your workouts (and almost all are included, from yoga to rock climbing and group sports to meditation).

And, not only are there lists of exercises, there are also free regimens that focus on a variety of goals. Whether you want to lose fat, gain muscle, learn better swimming technique or understand how to do a proper push-up, you can find descriptions with pictures. A wonderful new feature also connects users to YouTube videos of models doing the exercises while a narrator describes the proper techniques involved.

It is important to note that people have varying nutritional needs because of health conditions and personal histories. With this in mind it is still possible to get reliable and accurate information by reading through the many topic threads. If you have questions about your own needs, it is possible to post questions and start discussions.

Blog threads
Just about any branch of interest related to fitness, exercise and wellness are addressed somewhere on the site. Go to the forum and make the appropriate selections that will navigate you toward your topic of interest. In addition to branches for fitness, there are also branches for medical issues, socializing and a host of other themes.

Beyond the regimens and the exercise-related illustrations there is also the community component of RealJock. Blogging is performed at an almost breakneck pace, with new threads receiving hundreds or even thousands of responses in the span of hours and days. The chat room allows for live connection to others and supports audio-video streaming. Private conversations are also popular.

RealJock socializing revolves around creating, maintaining and bookmarking user profiles. Photos and personal information can be easily shared and it is common to learn through the blogs that groups of gay athletic friends have organized a party in their area for the local RealJocks.

Along with the prolific amount of information about fitness and wellness, this ability to connect with other gay men who share a love of conditioning and athleticism is a valuable function of the site. Think you’re the only gay guy in the region who plays hockey, breeds ferrets, dances to Scissor Sisters (in private, of course) and cooks vegan German food (if that’s actually possible)? In all reality, you’re probably not.

Perhaps more important than either the information or the socializing is the cultural shift RealJock caters to. Contrary to stereotypes that all gay men are in some way disadvantaged in terms of physical strength and prowess, RealJock shows that hundreds of thousands of gay men are not only able, but passionate about conditioning and competition.

What’s encouraging about RealJock is the number of gay men there who are well-adjusted, healthy, strong, out, proud, sensitive, inclusive and intelligent. Gay men have always admired sports and the men who play them — leave it to gay men to find a way to turn that fervor into something as fabulous as RealJock.

info: www.RealJock.com