Oh, boiz and gyrls, here we are once more at my little inkspot on the page to talk about accomplishments in pageantry and the folks who do them. After a rough week that I got through, thanks to dear friends Big Mama B., Tajma Hall, Carmendy, and my sister Ree, I’m ready to chat about my favorite pasttime — competition!

Miss Della attends the Miss Continental pageant at Scorpio.
Miss Della attends the Miss Continental pageant at Scorpio.
I saw a show at Scorpio not too long ago that I thought I’d start with. It was actually in the smaller showbar on the side. I still haven’t made it out for Angela Lopez’ Latino Night show on Fridays, but I’ll make it out there one night, by golly. Maybe it can be the next time that gorgeous Nikki Sanchez comes down from Asheville and I can see 2 “diosas” in one night. Anyway, in the show were Tara Storm, Brandi Andrews and these two wild children who do what I’ll call “shock drag.” Their names are Lilith DeVille and Bethann Phetamine and they are so creative! I hear they get worshipped at Snug Harbor, over closer to my ‘hood.

Alyson Thomas recently hosted her Carolina Continental contests at Scorpio and it was a great, late night. It was good to see the current Miss, Armani, along with Miss Elite Michelle Fighter (who did her great “Chicago” number with which she won the national title), and Mr. Continental, Christopher Iman, who celebrated his birthday with us. Then there was the fierceness of Coco Van Cartier, the Miss PLUS. I have two words for you — green gown! Oh, that mug! I am still in awe of her — from head to toe and what a sweet queen, too. The winners of the evening — Tatiana Braxton won the Miss and will be joined in competition by Arabia Knight-Addams at the Labor Day extravaganza; Edward Nunez won the Mr. and will be joined by My’Kel Knight-Addams Iman (close scores in both these divisions). Macy Alexander won the Elite and Tangela Armani won the PLUS. Cook County, IL, here we come! I bumped into a few blasts from the past at the pageant, like Latese Chevron who’s back in Charlotte now from Daytona Beach (the old gal is ready for work in the area, show directors and bar owners) and Tasha Michaels, a former Miss World at Large. Too bad Kelly Ray didn’t travel with you, gal, but it was good to see you.

I understand they’d just held the FL Continental prelims just nights before. Electra won Elite, India DeMore won PLUS and Poison Yvi won the “original.” Y’all know I hate saying “regular” or “skinny girl!”

I hear Jamie Michaels recently won Miss NC Classique in Hickory and Victoria Victors won Miss Tarheel Unlimited Classique. Jamie is a former Miss NC EOY who keeps me posted on the scene from up her way. Here’s wishing her and Victoria the best as they prepare for the national contest.

I got a note from Tamalah Taylor the other day; seems she will be competing soon as well, at Miss All-American Goddess since she’s Miss Alabama now, to honor her home state. She’ll actually be back in her old stomping grounds of Charlotte when she entertains at the NC prelim at the Closet on May 21. Let’s make plans to go welcome her back to the Queen City.

In local news, a big congrats is going out to the new Miss Scorpio, Emery Starr and her runners-up Arabia Knight-Addams and Keysha L. Wellington. Malaysia K. Black is the new Miss Night Owls and her RU was Brandonna Dupri. The new Miss Pantheon (Charleston, SC) is Eva Clear and her RU was Arabia Knight-Addams. Shortly thereafter, Arabia won all categories at Miss Mardi Gras at Warehouse 29 in Greensboro. Her RUs were Gabrielle Berlyn and Onyx Jade. The new Miss Asheville Sweetheart is Eureka O’Hara and her RU was Kimberly Allure. Malayia Chanel Iman recently won Miss Sweetheart of Warehouse 29 and her RUs were Felicity Brylette, Bree Lemoore and Kelly Green Powers. Malaysia K. Black is the new Miss Sparkle City, held at Illusions in Spartanburg; her RU was Jayden Sinclair. I’ve just found out Mo’Nique Chanel has secured her spot to compete at Miss NC U.S.ofA.; she is the new Miss Winter Elegance and on the same night, Onyx Jade was crowned Miss Sweetheart. Could it be that Brooke Divine may crown one of them as she gives up her title at Club Odyssey in Winston-Salem the weekend of April 15-18?

And, speaking of U.S.ofA., how could I end a column without mentioning those entertainers who have recently qualified to compete at the Big Dance in Big D (Dallas, TX) Memorial Day weekend. The new Miss Indiana is Victoria LePaige and her RU was Amaya Mann, PA is Tiffany Richards, South Central States is TX’s Christina Ross, and Western Sapphire, out in AZ, is Mya Hall McKenzie and her RU was Savannah Stevens. My little sista Tajma Hall was at this one and she tells me she, Tommie Ross, and Stasha Sanchez had a blast! : :

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