2 replies on “Obama’s inauguration”

  1. Of course I am going, what a silly question. An opportunity to witness such an historic event, to see what Michelle and the girls will wear…of course I am going. Just to be in the crowd when the clouds part and the golden chariot of our “savior” arrives will be worth the wait in the cold and crushing crowds of Washington DC. I am packing a warm blanket, a cuddly twink, some chips & dip and a thermos of hot soup. Oh…I can not wait for this historic and grand event. I have purchased some new thermals and socks with batteries to keep my toes warm, a new fleece coat with Obama’s face on the back and I even splurged for a new pair of “I love Obama” underwear. I am even going to take an old Baptist hymnal so when the mood strikes me I can sing Amazing Grace, how sweet thou art. I may even take my Obama commemorative plate that I purchased watching a late night rerun of Lost In Space. It even came with a stand to prop it on. I wonder if I can get the “savior” to sign it? Oh my friends I can not wait. I was told that for the first 1000 guests to arrive, a free canned ham was to be given. Now I’m not missing that!

  2. The inauguration is a waste of money. If the “savior” really wanted to do some good he would cancel all events and use that money to help the many people that are out of work. If I remember correctly, the last time Bush was elected many felt that a smaller event or no event at all should be held. With the current economic crisis and such, I have yet to hear those same people calling for the inauguration to be scaled down or called off all together….Why not??????

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