3 replies on “Obama & Biden”

  1. Well lets just hope McCain wins or the Lord Jesus comes to Earth to save us all from the “Obomanites” I just do not trust this man nor the “machine” that has propelled him to his self appointed level of “savior”. Wait!!! isn’t that the Lord Jesus? NO NO NO…its Obama!

  2. Will not vote for Obama, would have for Hilary. After being a Dem for many, many years I will have to vote for McCain, since I feel better with him than Obama.

  3. I am speechless!!! After all this country has endured under the Republican Socialist Party, you would invite a 3rd term for bush policies!!!

    I would like to remind you that mccain made his views on sexual orientation abundantly clear when he appeared on The Ellen Degeneres Show.

    We are facing a major financial disaster/trillions of dollars in debt, The Constitution trashed…on and on and on!

    No wonder I weep for my country.

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