On Sunday May 13, while many congregations across the state chose to honor mothers on Mother’s Day through faith and fellowship, Rev. Charles Worley of Providence Road Baptist Church in Maiden North Carolina had a different message to give. In his now infamous sermon, Worley talks of his plan to put lesbians and “queers and homosexuals” behind electric fenced areas and let them slowly die out, a modern day concentration camp for the LGBT community.

Since a video of his sermon hit the internet there has been an outpouring, both locally and nationally, of response against his message of hate. You can watch a clip of his sermon below:

After seeing the video above and verifying the validity of Worley’s words, Laura Tipton, a Social Work major at Appalachian State University in Boone, N.C, had to do something.  Tipton began coordinating a protest against Worley and his congregation and through social media promotions support of the protest quickly took off. By working with local organization Catawba County Citizens Against Hate, and with increased support from national media coverage, the reported participation for the protest has grown tremendously.

Due to the increased support and the likely hood that supporters of Worley will also protest, the event has been moved to the Justice Center for safety reasons. Initially when the request for the space was made, Catawba County officials denied the request for a number of reasons, including that the request was not made 14 days prior to the protest. Since the initial ruling, Catawba County officials have backed down and are allowing the peaceful protest to take place.

“From the beginning it has been our desire to work with county officials and law enforcement to make sure that the event on Sunday is well planned and safe for everyone in attendance,” Laura Tipton, the chief organizer of the event stated. “This evening we are honored by the actions of county manager Tom Lundy and his staff,” she added.

Currently over 1000 people are expected to be present for the protest from estimates through social media sites.

The protest is scheduled for Sunday, May 27 from 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. at the Catawba County Justice Center, 100 Southwest Blvd, in Newton, NC.

According to Catawba Valley Citizens Against Hate website there is a large need for volunteers to help with the coordination of the peaceful protest. Individuals interested in assisting with helping guide protesters during the event, please visit eepurl.com/l_mav.

Rev. Mark Sandlin’s post on thegodarticle.com has offered a unique alternative for individuals to show their opposition to Worley’s hate speech and already his idea has been picked up by concerned citizens. In his article, Sandlin encourages individuals opposed to Worley’s statements to make donations to local LGBT organizations in Pastor Worley’s name.

According to Sandlin’s article this would do three things: “One, it helps fund organizations who are actively working against this kind of exclusion and bullying. Two, it puts Pastor Worley on their mailing lists! And, three, it can really show Pastor Worley and others what creative, non-violent resistance looks like – and that’s biblical.”

You can read Sandlin’s full article here.

For more information about Sunday’s protest be sure to visit their Facebook event page.

O'Neale Atkinson

O'Neale Atkinson is a former editor of QNotes, serving in the position from Jan. 23, 2012 to June 15, 2012. His first issue as editor was published on Feb. 4, 2012. His last issue was published June 23,...

5 replies on “North Carolina pastor preaches hate against LGBT community”

  1. I was very disturbed by this man’s hateful words. He spoke like a true Nazi and not like a man of god. And the cheers and laughter from his congregation was even more frightening. To think there are people in 2012 who want to take us back to 1939 is unbelievable. Thankfully we live in a democracy and we will fight back against hatred and ignorance.

  2. I find it sad when such preahcers preach such hate and bigotry (fear) about God’s loving Children (Gay & Lesbian) who are the whosoevers in John 3:16-8. Such hatred is not preached from God’s Word and this man needs to step out of the pulpit. His ignorance of Soteriology, Christology, and Bibilogy is noted. As a Christian who is gay I can stand with Paul on Romans 8:38-39 that he cannot seperate me from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus who is my Lord.
    Anytime he would like the debate the issue please call me. I said a prayer for the hatred this preacher said from the pulpit may the Grace of God be with him (Eph. 2:8-9)…

    In Christ

    Rev. Jerry Stephenson, ThD. PhD. CAP
    Gay Christian

  3. I think most preachers are liers and the biggest sinners in the world . So look in your own family before judging others. we should put money bilking preachers like you in a camp till the Devil comes and takes you away. you are a no good fat sob and for a woman to have sex with you she would have to throw flower on you just to find you sex organ because of you being so fat. The Lord is the judge of our life not some so called fatttttttt so calledddddddddddd preacher. One big piece of shit is all you are and you would float in water just like shit does. May GOD help you when it is your time to die.

  4. I think the North Carolina Pastor is simply saying lesbianism and gayism are NOT inherent in Christainity. Therefore, these practices couldn‘t be imported into it in whatever guise howsoever called. Remember Sodom and Gomorrah? Gen 19:3-9,24-25. Do not be deceived, lesbians and gay are loved by God but they MUST repent from their ungodly practices or face His wrath. Rom 1:26-32.

  5. All you have to do is substitute “JEWS” for the Gays & Lesbians, and you have the same diatribe that was spewed by the German Leadership several decades ago…. I guess that same mentality exists here in the U.S.A. in 2012,…especially in North Carolina!! Yes… History CAN repeat itself.

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