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Sarah Castleman, a mother of two students currently attending Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, is concerned about the 2023-24 academic year after the North Carolina General Assembly approved SB 49, which forces teachers to “out” students to parents and forbids discussions around gender identity in grades K through four.

Following NC passage of anti-LGBTQ laws, CMS wants parents’  signatures on ‘Student Information Form’

Charlotte-Mecklenburg schools, one of the first systems in the state to comply with the recently passed laws impacting LGBTQ+ students, began sending out emails the first day of class that make it mandatory parents sign off on an online document identified as a “Student Information Form” […]

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ICYMI: Festive Fall: A guide to the season’s celebrations across North Carolina

Fall is just around the corner, and the season’s arrival is more than just overpriced pumpkin spice lattes or hues of red, orange and yellow. Many communities host fall festivals to get people in the mood for the season, and the Carolinas are home to a bevy of unique celebrations […]

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Union County Pride is ‘fighting to have a safe space’

Monroe resident Cristal Robinson recognized a need for a safe environment for queer LGBTQ+ Union County residents. They noticed one of the restaurants in Monroe, East Frank Superette and Kitchen, began to host drag queen performances, and Robinson reached out to the owners of East Frank to ask if they believed the county was ready […]

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Annual Durham Pride festival takes place September 23

Bull City (aka Durham) will celebrate LGBTQ+ Pride Saturday, September 23, from 10:30 a.m. to 8 p.m., at Duke University’s East Campus. The event will kick off with a parade, followed by a festival filled with vendors, food, entertainment and more. Additional events occurring around the city and designed to coincide with and celebrate Pride […]

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C’mon Barbie let’s go party

Barbie has played an important role in the lives of many individuals in the LGBTQ+ community. And now the new movie “Barbie,” seems to be doing the same […]

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LGBTQ+ Center in Winston-Salem celebrates anniversary

The North Star LGBTQ+ Community Center in Winston-Salem reopened its doors on Saturday, September 2 […]

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Buster Murdaugh goes public amid rumors of involvement in Stephen Smith death

“I never had anything to do with his murder, and I never had anything to […]

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