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Charlotte Black Pride kicks off this Sunday, July 16 with events through the week. In this month’s column sponsored by Charlotte Pride, they passed the baton to Rell Lowery to talk about some of the exciting events ahead.

 Checking in with Charlotte Black Pride

In a time when it seems the world is constantly trying to bridge a gap between those in and outside of our community, we strive to push the importance of inclusion and diversity all 365 days of the year […]

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LGBTQ+ healthcare in North Carolina: Navigating a complex landscape

The state of health care in the U.S. is at a dangerous point for many people who are going to be or are already negatively affected by the legislative changes. One of the most affected groups is that of the LGBTQ+, and more specifically trans/nonbinary folx […]

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“In the Company of Grace: A Veterinarian’s Memoir of Trauma and Healing”

Out in Print

You are a product of what your parents do. They nurtured you, and you learned to nurture. They yelled, and you discovered that shouting was the way to communicate. From them, you got your sense of humor, your earliest political beliefs, and your initial ideas of right and wrong […]

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Federal court reverses course & allows Tennessee’s trans healthcare ban to go into effect

A U.S. appeals court has allowed Tennessee’s ban on gender-affirming healthcare for minors to go into effect […]

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Gay Republicans turn on Ron DeSantis for bizarre ad attacking LGBTQ+ community

Gay Republicans are abandoning Florida Gov. and 2024 presidential candidate Ron DeSantis (R) in droves […]

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