North Carolina

Community Picnic and Drag Show at Unifour Church
On May 16 from 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m., Newton’s Unifour Christian Church will be holding a “Family Friendly Drag Show” with the option to drive-in or mill about. There will be games, food, drinks and established Drag Queen Connie Conover. Impersonator, comedian and human rights activist, Conover is also available for event bookings such as this. All proceeds from the community picnic will go to Unifour Church. The event will take place at Unifour Church 2257 Old Conover-Startown Rd Newton, NC; pre-registration is not necessary.

Guilford Green’s Give OUT Day
This month-long fundraiser will continue through to the end of June; aka Pride Month. The Guilford Green Foundation (GGF) hopes to receive $5,000 for their grand re-opening in June. The Give OUT Day page states that there is a minimum of $10 per donation and that all donors will be eligible to receive prizes. Hosted by Horizons Foundation, this annual event provides a list of LGBTQ organizations throughout the United States and Puerto Rico that are in need of monetary contributions. GGF is encouraging donors to share the event on social media and reach out to Development Manager Lucy Acosta at with any questions.

LatinX Youth Digital Organizers Needed
El Centro Hispano is seeking Project Associates between the ages of 15 and 21 to help develop a digital platform. Applicants must be fluent in Spanish and English and who are familiar with LatinX culture. Created in concurrence with El Centro Hispano’s Jóvenes Líderes en Acción (Young Leaders in Action) program, this online platform will be used to share resources concerning “Service Learning Opportunities, College Prep, Life Skills, Career Readiness, Social/Environmental Justice Education, Leadership Development, Mental Health and Wellness.” 

Appalachian State University Takes a Look at Their LGBTQ History
The Appalachian Online released a timeline of LGBTQ progress made at the university since 1972. This was released in honor of Appalachian State University’s “Pride Week”; taking place from April 19 to 23. 1972 was the first “Human Sexuality Day” at Appalachian State, which included films, informational resources and other open conversations relating to the LGBTQ community. This piece was also created as a manner of bringing attention to the aid that the LGBT Center at Appalachian State can bring to students. The article goes on to mention the work that is being done to ensure that proper pronouns are utilized by staff and faculty. 

HIV Testing and Ice Cream Available at ALFA 
ALFA (Advancing Life. Fighting AIDS) is mobilizing their Prevention Team for free testing on May 10. HIV, Hepatitis C and Syphilis tests will be conducted at the ALFA downtown location “Steve’s Place”. Their hours are 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and masks will be required. Those participating are also invited to enjoy complimentary ice cream while getting tested. The address for this event is 211 NC-127, Hickory, N.C. 28602.


Caitlyn Jenner Running for Governor of California 
Allegedly unaffiliated with any political party, Caitlyn Jenner announced that she was running for Governor of California on April 23. Many politicians, celebrities and community leaders have voiced disbelief that Jenner will be able to distance herself from her intensely Republican past. In 2018, Jenner stated that she “was wrong” about former President Donald Trump. This has not, however, lead to complete forgiveness from the LGBTQ community. Many members of the LGBTQ community have felt betrayed by Jenner’s lack of support for lesbian, gay, bisexual and even fellow transgender individuals. Jenner has also publicly stated that transgender girls should not be allowed to participate in girls’ sports teams. 

New Tennessee Nonprofit Created for Black and LGBTQ Persons
Gwen and David Clemons, a mother and her son, founded the nonprofit “Relationships Unleashed”, which was featured during the 32nd GLAAD Media Awards. This organization’s mission statement is: “fighting inequality through comprehensive programming for the Black LGBT community.” This grassroots movement began in 2014 and has continually grown to incorporate more support groups for those with HIV, drug use Harm Reduction programs and training for workplace diversity, equity and inclusion. Currently raising funds for the Memphis community during COVID-19, the Clemons have been providing financial aid and personal protective equipment to those in need for over a year.

Philadelphia LGBTQ Crime Tracker to Determine Hate Crimes
LGBTQ Liaison for the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office, Kelly Burkhardt, along with her colleagues, has created a crime tracker that will review and monitor ongoing police investigations relating to the LGBTQ community. This tracker functions by altering the DA’s office to reports that include key phrases such as “her wife” or “his boyfriend”. With many past cases of violence against gender-expansive persons, there has been a lack of reporting from the police. Philadelphia’s crime tracker will not prevent discrimination but it may highlight cases of violence that have previously gone unobserved by society. 

Ohio’s Lesbian Prom Queens
Two 18-year-old students, Annie Wise and Riley Loudermilk, were voted prom king and queen at Kings High School in Kings Mills, Ohio. They are the first same-sex couple to be awarded the titles at their school. Many parents were upset by this development; one parent even said, “sorry, but I believe that there are still two genders, a male and a female.” This, however, did not deter Kings High School from proudly posting about the coronation on their Facebook page. Loudermilk’s mother also commented, “it made me mad that adults were commenting on a high school dance.” Regardless, the couple enjoyed their time together at prom in the midst of their six-month anniversary celebration. 


Gay Man Killed by Homophobic Neighbors
Normunds Kindzulis was set on fire by his homophobic neighbors in Tukums, Latvia on April 28. Kindzulis died in the hospital from the severe burns. Out Magazine states, “Kindzulis and Jaunklavins [the victim’s roommate] had reported the numerous threats they received from their homophobic neighbors to police, but to no avail.” The police have also not yet ruled this a homicide, rather emphasizing that Kindzulis could have committed suicide. They do, however, stress that if Kindzulis took his own life due to discriminatory harassment, the neighbors may also be prosecuted for driving him to the act. 

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