Well Trinity,
I was with this girl for two months until I found out she was telling people she was single. Now I found out that she’s in a three-way with two other women. Isn’t that cheating? And do we have a chance of getting back together? I still love her!
Thanks, Love’s Triangle, Minneapolis, MN

Well Love’s Triangle,
First, you can’t get VD from a doorknob and you CAN’T be cheated on by someone you’re not dating. Second, yes you can get back together, but why? She’s obviously exploring her sexual freedom and doesn’t seem the least bit interested in you. Sorry, but it had to be said! If you have that much love for her, why not give it to someone who wants it? It’s time, baby, to love yourself as much as you love her and release her to the triangle of love!
Move On, Trinity

Hey Trinity,
I can never seem to get ahead. Even when I make a good paycheck for the month it never lasts. I know you give dating advice, but I need a little financial advice.
Money Woes, Des Moines, IA

Hey Money Woes
There’s three ways to make money, “make it, invest (some of) it and/or save it.” Think IRA, TD Ameritrade or “under the mattress!
Good Luck, Trinity

Hello Trinity,
Every time I go out hoping to meet potential dates, I end up wasting time with guys who inevitably only want sex. Am I the only gay man on earth who goes to bars hoping to meet future dates, not just one-night stands? What am I doing wrong?
Sincerely, Not Only Sex, Boston, MA

Hello Not Only Sex,
If you’re truly going to bars looking for future dates, then don’t waste time flirting with guys after 1 a.m. who, a) are from out of town, b) are overtly sexual and/or c) you think just want a quickie from you. Otherwise, you’ll never meet Mr. Right, just Mr. One Night, which isn’t bad, but it won’t get you a second date. Pumpkin, you have to be strategic with your time at the bars, not just seduced by sexy guys.
Stay Aware, Trinity

Dear Trinity,
I know I shouldn’t ask this, but isn’t there something I can do to punish someone I was dating for standing me up on our last and final date. Isn’t some revenge appropriate?
Yours, Revenge, Albuquerque, NM

Dear Revenge,
No! Living your own life to the fullest is the best revenge. But if you still don’t believe me, sweetie, then try reading:

Trinity’s Empowering Tips for What You Can and Can’t do to Someone Who Stands You Up

  1. You can’t scratch his car or break his windows because you must trust that he or she will be taught a lesson of greater punishment.
  2. You can’t continually call or text her just to bother her because you’re not twelve anymore, you grew up, remember!
  3. You can’t go to his work and harass him because it was JUST a date.
  4. You can’t call the police and have her arrested on bogus charges such as kidnapping or burglary, although it would be fun!
  5. And lastly, you can’t have him beaten up, scared or maimed because you don’t want to waste that much energy on ANY date!
  6. You can, however, ignore her when you see her knowing that she missed out on someone really great.
  7. You can let other people know that he has no integrity!
  8. You can discard her phone number, rip up her letters and toss out her toothbrush!
  9. You CAN be way choosier of who you date.
  10. And lastly, you can imagine your life being really successful, adventurous, colorful and romantically fulfilling with someone who is really, really into you.

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