STATEWIDE — Through the next week leading up to the North Carolina May 6 Primary, Q-Notes will feature LGBT leaders across the state, who they are supporting in the Primary and why.

The civil, community discussion begins Monday with two online publishing North Carolinians: Pam Spaulding of and Publisher Bambi Weavil.

Spaulding, of Durham, N.C., is supporting Sen. Barack Obama and says the Illinois senator is the most vocal on LGBT issues. “He is openly inclusive of our community in his speeches, not behind closed doors in gay-only settings,” she writes.

Wilmington, N.C. resident Weavil says Clinton represents her best on the issues important to her. “I’m supporting and voting for Hillary Clinton because she represents me the best out of all the candidates on issues of women’s rights and LGBT issues,” she says.

Each day two profiles will be published on editor Matt Comer’s staff blog, InsideSource. One profile will be of a leader supporting Clinton. Another will be of a leader supporting Obama.

Tuesday will feature North Carolina transgender advocate Angela Brightfeather and Wilmington, N.C. activist Bo Dean. Wednesday Comer will post responses from Pride Charlotte co-chair Raine Cole and Winston-Salem, N.C.-native, GLSEN Executive Director Kevin Jennings.

Q-Notes Online readers are encouraged to share their thoughts on each InsideSource post.

Catch the action Monday through Tuesday, May 6 at

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  1. One would hope that the LGBT community at large would remember the two most famous pieces of legislation passed during the first Clinton presidency, “Dont Ask, Dont Tell” and the Defense of Marriage Act.

    Where was their support then? It was certainly not with our community.

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