White supremacists and anti-racist demonstrators clash around a Robert E. Lee statue in Charlottesville. (Credit: YouTube/Vice News)

Charlotte, N.C. — The neo-Nazis who planned to descend on Charlotte in December, like they did on Charlottesville, won’t be rolling into town after all, it appears.

Organizing group Anti-Communist Action (Anticom) posted on Twitter that the event, which was to feature speakers and a torch march, was cancelled due to “safety concerns.”

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department retweeted Anticom’s announcement, adding that it was attempting to contact organizers of the event to get more information.

The announcement comes just after the rally’s most well known white supremacist speakers, Richard Spencer, announced he was no longer going to attend. He also cited safety concerns, saying it was too dangerous to hold it at an outdoor venue.

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The plan was to hold it at Marshall Park after the organizers failed to secure a private, indoor facility.

UPDATE — The Anticom the Twitter account is still talking tough and promising the event will still go ahead at a different location.

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Jeff Taylor / Social Media Editor

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3 replies on “Nazis, fearing for their safety, cancel hate rally in Charlotte”

    1. When I first moved to Charlotte I was impressed by the different cultures and diversity living here. We have to always be striving for brotherhood and peace. We have to live together and be accepting of our differences even if we don’t agree. Hate for someone different will never be the answer.

  1. When the established mechanisms of justice fail; nature, abhorring a vacuum, turns to street justice in its stead.

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