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Last year, qnotes profiled four young Charlotteans living in a polyamorous relationship. The four — Jeremy Eudy, Thomas Freyre, Jim Messaros and Chris Morgan — were also featured in MTV’s “True Life” series. The network has returned to Charlotte to film a follow-up episode on the men’s experiences and relationship. You might recall qnotes’ own follow-up with Messaros, Freyre and Morgan in February, when it was revealed the threesome had broken it off. Catch up on the coverage online at and : :

One reply on “MTV returns for ‘Poly’ follow-up”

  1. I’m sad to see that this group didn’t last. I guess when you’re younger and not experienced in polyamory, not everything turns out perfectly. I certainly hope though that readers do not get the impression that polyamorous relationships cannot succeed. They often do, if you enter the situation with eyes wide open and remain aware of what efforts are required.

    North Carolina has a vibrant community of polyamorous people (see for the local group), full of successful triads, quads and such. Gay, bi, & straight, polyamorists are a growing community today.

    Kudos to q-notes for testing the waters for this discussion in the NC LGBT community. Hopefully…as with the early days of the gay rights movement…with awareness, comes acceptance.

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