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Gov. McCrory appears at a Donald Trump rally in Wilmington. Via YouTube.

Gov. McCrory’s “Where’s the bathrooms?” joke has now become a running gag.

McCrory spoke at a rally for Donald Trump in Wilmington on Tuesday, where he launched into the bit like a seasoned comic trotting out a closer. He previously made a similar joke last month at a Trump rally in Winston-Salem.

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“Alright, we got a big crowd in here. I want everyone to be careful tonight. I mean, we packed it in, the fire marshals have been extremely nice,” McCrory said.

“So I want you to be careful. The fire exits are this way, and this way, and this way,” he continued, which spurred those in attendance who knew where the routine was going to yell out about the bathrooms.

McCrory smiled and continued, pointing out the “concession stands for water.”

“What about the bathrooms?” a member of the crowd yelled out.

“Alright, the bathrooms,” he said, smirking, to applause and cheers, prompting him to turn around and look at those seated behind him, milking it.

“Political correctness run amok!” he concluded.

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McCrory spent the majority of his speaking time pitching himself for reelection, with some time at the end set aside to talk up the Trump, Pence ticket, which he said he was proud to support.

If McCrory is unsuccessful in making the pitch for himself, as well as the candidate at the top of his party’s ticket, to ensure high voter turnout among the Republican base, he may end up being remembered as little more than the one term, one joke bathroom cop governor.

Considering North Carolina is a swing state, and considering McCrory is locked in a tight battle in the gubernatorial race against Attorney General Roy Cooper, don’t be surprised if we see a lot more of Trump leading up to November and a lot more of McCrory showing up to deliver his anti-trans comedy act.

Speaking of firing up the base, Trump stole the circus that day by delivering an even more attention grabbing line, suggesting “Second Amendment people” might be able to handle Hillary Clinton and her Supreme Court picks.

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When asked about it, McCrory said it was clearly just a joke and shifted the blame to Clinton.

Watch McCrory’s remarks below.

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  1. No surprises from McCrory. While sensible Repubs can’t backpedal away from Drumpf fast enough, Patty boy is kissing up to him hoping for what? A Cabinet post? Birds of a feather indeed.

  2. He makes a joke out of a discriminatory law. How is a person who is so obviously a bigot allowed to make decisions that are supposed to be unbiased and for the good of ALL the TAXPAYING citizens of his state. Instead he panders to the religious right, whose institutions are exempt from paying taxes. This unequal treatment of minorities HAS TO STOP NOW!!

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